[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Workshop "Inside Data Association" at RSS08

Joerg Kurlbaum jkur at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Wed Apr 16 03:22:32 PDT 2008

***                         CALL FOR PAPERS                          ***
***                WORKSHOP: "Inside Data Association"               ***
***                ===================================               ***
***   at the                                                         ***
***              ROBOTICS: SCIENCE AND SYSTEMS (RSS) 2008            ***
***                                                                  ***
***             ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 25. - 28. June 2008         ***
***                                                                  ***

Short Description

Data association is an important problem for many fields. In this
workshop we want to take a deeper look at fundamental methods and
problem analysis of the data association problem. We invite researchers
from the different disciplines involved to contribute to the discussion.

Inside Data Association

Correctly associating sets of features is a core problem in many
applications including robot self-localization and mapping (SLAM),
visual tracking, and object recognition. Features usually need to be
extracted from sensor data and extraction itself can be a difficult
application-specific task in its own right. However, there are many
common characteristics of data association problems which are worth

In this workshop we want to take a deeper look at the data-association
problem and we explicitly encourage insightful contributions focussing
on theoretical or empirical analysis, providing novel views on the
problem, or even proposing a candidate for a gold-standard algorithm.

To facilitate evaluation of data association methods, we particularly
encourage using a  SLAM data set which is available from the workshop
homepage (see below). The data set is preprocessed to provide geometric
features and ground-truth is also available. Please take a look at the
video on the workshop homepage.

Request for Participation

The workshop features a plenary discussion "Fundamental questions in
data association." and we call everyone to submit pertinent
questions to the organizers beforehand.

Program Commitee

Tim Bailey        -- The University of Sydney
Michael Bosse     -- CSIRO Australia
Andrew Davison    -- University College London
Ryan Eustice      -- University of Michigan
Patric Jensfelt   -- Royal Institute of Technology
Michael Kaess     -- Georgia Institute of technology
John Leonard      -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ian Reid          -- University of Oxford
Nicholas Roy      -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cyril Stachniss   -- University of Freiburg
Juan Tardos       -- University of Zaragoza
Sebastian Thrun   -- Stanford University


For dates see below.

Extended abstract:
For the review process an extended abstract is sufficient.
Please include motivation, problem statement any related work as well
as new contributions with results and experiments. The extended
abstract should not exceed three pages.

Full paper:
Accepted authors will be invited to submit a full paper. Full paper
should be formatted in the official RSS layout

Please submit your extended abstract and paper as PDF and your
questions for the plenary discussion to the organizers via email:

      dataassociation at informatik.uni-bremen.de

Accepted papers will be published on the workshop website.

Important Dates

May  21. Submission of extended abstract (23:59 PST)
May  28. Notification of acceptance
June 18. Submission of final paper version
June 28. Workshop at RSS08


Workshop homepage:

Best Regards,
  the organizers:

    José Neira
    Udo Frese
    Diedrich Wolter
    Jörg Kurlbaum

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