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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 22, Number 15, 2008
Special Issue on Mobiligence (1)

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Table of Contents

pp. 1603-1604(2)
Authors: Hosoda, Koh; Aonuma, Hitoshi

Understanding and Reconstruction of the Mobiligence of Insects Employing
Multiscale Biological Approaches and Robotics
pp. 1605-1628(24)
Authors: Kanzaki, Ryohei; Ando, Noriyasu; Sakurai, Takeshi; Kazawa, Tomoki

Neurobiological Basis of Controlling Posture and Locomotion
pp. 1629-1663(35)
Authors: Takakusaki, Kaoru; Okumura, Toshikatsu

Biological Insights Into Robotics: Honeybee Foraging Behavior by a
Waggle Dance
pp. 1665-1681(17)
Authors: Okada, Ryuichi; Ikeno, Hidetoshi; Aonuma, Hitoshi; Ito, Etsuro

Rapid and Cheap Learning by Exploiting Biarticular Muscles - A Case
Study With a Two-Dimensional Serpentine Robot
pp. 1683-1696(14)
Authors: Watanabe, Wataru; Kawakatsu, Toshihiro; Ishiguro, Akio

Simulating Adaptive Human Bipedal Locomotion Based on Phase Resetting
Using Foot-Contact Information
pp. 1697-1713(17)
Authors: Aoi, Shinya; Ogihara, Naomichi; Sugimoto, Yasuhiro; Tsuchiya,

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