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The Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, Barcelona, 
seeks qualified candidates for 3 and 5 year postdoctoral positions in 
the fields of robot kinematics, robot design, robot perception, robot 
manipulation, mobile robotics, ubiquitous sensor networks, and automatic 

The applicant will perform both independent and collaborative state of 
the art research linked to ongoing national and/or European research 
projects at IRI in any of the following fields:

- Robot kinematics and robot design, in any of the following topics: 
position analysis and motion planning, mechanism synthesis, novel 
parallel robots, and tensegrities.
- Robot perception and robot manipulation: in topics of perception, 
learning, and planning capabilities of robots  in order to achieve 
higher degrees of autonomy and user-friendliness during everyday 
manipulation tasks.
- Mobile robotics and ubiquitous computing devices, in topics such as 
tracking, recognition, situation awareness, learning motion skills, 
localization, mapping, autonomous navigation, path planning or exploration.
- Automatic control, with emphasis on nonlinear control, predictive 
optimal control, diagnosis and fault-tolerant control and large-scale 
networked systems control, energy based modeling and control, and 
decision support systems, for applications in water and energy systems.

The ideal candidates will hold a PhD degree in computer science, 
computer or electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, 
or related fields and a proven record of research excellence with 
journal and conference publications. An excellent English level is required.

Three postdoctoral calls are included in this initiative.
- The 3-year Jae-Doc call from the Spanish Council of Scientific 
Research (deadline 16/12/08, start 3/09, www.csic.es/vapc/JAEDoctores2008/)
- The 3 year Juan de la Cierva call from the Ministry of Science and 
Innovation (deadline 2/09, start  12/09, www.micinn.es/ciencia/delacierva/)
- The 5 year Ramon y Cajal call from the Ministry of Science and 
Innovation (deadline 2/09, start  12/09, www.micinn.es/ciencia/cajal/)

Applicants are encouraged to visit the corresponding call web pages and 
verify compliance with the requisites on the specific call he/she wishes 
to concur, and to notify the institute his/her intention to concur by 
sending a letter of motivation, indicating the call of interest, a 
detailed CV and academic curricula, and the names of two references to 
admin-iri at iri.upc.es. Applicants are also encouraged to communicate with 
an ongoing project PI for feasibility and relevance to ongoing research. 
Current IRI projects can be browsed at www.iri.upc.edu/mem/mem-07.pdf.

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