[robotics-worldwide] Correct 2007 Impact Factor of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics

Alessandro De Luca deluca at dis.uniroma1.it
Fri Dec 5 23:51:30 PST 2008

Could you please distribute? I believe this is of interest to our community.

Alessandro De Luca

Correct 2007 Impact Factor of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics

Thomson Reuters has put on the web the revised 2007 edition of their 
Journal Citation Reports (JCR).
In this yearly revision, which is issued every Fall, corrections are 
made to wrong citation data that appeared in the first release of 

With the correct data, the IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO) is 
again at the top of the Robotics category for Impact Factor, with 
IF=1.976. This rank #1 continues the tradition of T-RO (and of its 
ancestor T-RA).

Moreover, this year T-RO is also ranked first for Cited Half Life 
(9.5 years), an index that measures the archival value of a journal.

If you happened to use the previous incorrect data of T-RO, please 
revise them. Note also that T-RO suffered from the same citation 
problem in the 2006 JCR edition issued in June 2007, and later 
corrected in the Fall of 2007. The T-RO data that you find now on the 
JCR web page are the right ones.

Alessandro De Luca
Past EiC of IEEE T-RO
Alessandro De Luca

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