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Jaime Valls Miro jaime.vallsmiro at eng.uts.edu.au
Mon Dec 8 23:01:14 PST 2008

The Centre for Intelligent Mechatronics 
Systems (CIMS) at the University
of Technology, Sydney (UTS) invites 
applications for a 3-year PhD
scholarship (x4) to commence in March 
2009, or as soon as possible
thereafter. International candidates are 

The focus of the investigation is the 
fusion of computing, mechanics,
sensing, actuation and human physiology 
to create intelligent machines
that are not limited to mobile robots, 
but have the ability to
manipulate the environment and coexist 
and cooperate with humans. In
particular, the two key areas of 
interest are:

a) Human-machine techniques that allow 
intelligent, effective,
adaptive communication between humans 
and machines. Probabilistic
methods for estimating intentions and 
the functional state of humans;
use of multi-modal input for machine 
control and action recognition;
machine learning.

b) Physical human-interactive robots 
that are in direct contact with
humans to conduct various tasks 
cooperatively. Haptics/tactile rendering
for effective interaction; human-robot 
cooperative control; compliant
mechanism design; human-robot 
interaction modelling; multisensory
rendering and information processing and 
prototype development.

CIMS (ims.uts.edu.au) is a 
cross-disciplinary center that integrates
research in the disciplines of 
mechanical, electrical and electronics
engineering and computer systems. Its 
main research directions include
autonomous robots (unstructured 
environments, infrastructure
maintenance, search and rescue, health 
care, road vehicles), electrical
machines (system optimization, control), 
automotive systems
(performance, comfort, road safety), and 
human factors (physiological
and psychological aspects of 
human-machine and human-environment

Requisites: applicants should have a 
first class honours degree or
equivalent in any related discipline (e.g.,
engineering, computer science,
biomedical engineering). Strong 
mathematical skills, knowledge of
high-level programming languages 
(C/C++), and good level of
written/spoken English are required. 
Applicants must also have strong
knowledge in at least two of the 
following areas: probability and
estimation theory, human factors/HRI and 
biomedical engineering, smart
sensors and sensor fusion techniques, 
haptics, mechanisms, computer
vision and machine learning. We are 
looking for individuals with strong
motivation to pursue advanced studies 
and who are capable of adapting to
team work.

Each scholarship is funded at an 
Australian Postgraduate Award
equivalent. Consideration on waving 
tuition fees will be given to
international candidates with strong 
research background and/or academic
record. The scholarship will be 
supplemented by access to overseas
travel grants and other allowances

Application process: to submit an 
application please send an email
including (preferably as a single PDF):

1) motivation letter (clearly discussing 
your adequacy to the areas of expertise 
from those listed above, and the 
preferred research area of interest (a) 
or (b))
2) description of prior research work 
(if applicable)
3) curriculum vitae
4) academic transcript
5) contact details of (max 2) referees
6) list of refereed publications (if 

to one of the two addresses below. 
Application deadline: 31st January 2009
For any enquiries or further 
information, send email to:

for candidates in area (a):
Dr Jaime Valls Miro
jaime.vallsmiro [at] uts [dot] edu [dot] au

for candidates in area (b):
A/Prof Dikai Liu
dikai.liu [at] uts [dot] edu [dot] au


Dr Jaime Valls Miro
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Intelligent Mechatronics Systems
UTS, Faculty of Engineering and IT,
PO BOX 123, Broadway NSW 2007,

Office: CB02.605
[p]: +61 2 9514 2967
[f] : +61 2 9514 2655
jaime.vallsmiro [at] uts [dot] edu [dot] au

UTS CRICOS Provider Code:  00099F
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