[robotics-worldwide] Post doc position in Robotics applied to microforce measurement.

Michaël Gauthier michael.gauthier at femto-st.fr
Thu Dec 18 23:43:03 PST 2008

Post-doctoral position in Robotics

A post-dococtoral position in the field of robotics is available in the 
FEMTO-ST Institute (Besançon, France - www.femto-st.fr)  and is entitled 
"Calibration and control of a parallel robot in order to improve 
measurement of microforces in a Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)". The 
general aim is to improve three-dimensional positioning during adhesion 
forces measurement in an AFM by using high precision robots. This work 
will de done in the "Automated Systems for Micromanipulation and 
Microassembly" group headed by Philippe Lutz. More information on the 
objectives is available on the website of the project 

Expertise on one or more of the following topics is required: robot 
calibration, automation, force control, parallel robotics, 
microrobotics. This position is available immediately and applicants 
should send a C.V. and journal publications to 
michael.gauthier at femto-st.fr by email in pdf format.

 Dr. Michaël Gauthier, Scientist researcher, FEMTO-ST, France


             Michaël Gauthier
       Institut FEMTO-ST - Dept. AS2M
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          GPS (47°15'06, 05°59'39)
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