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Fri Dec 26 00:26:50 PST 2008

Full-Day Workshop on Roboethics

A workshop at:
ICRA 2009 (www.icra2009.org)
Sunday, May 17th, 2009

URL: www.roboethics.org/icra2009

Robotics research is increasingly raising ethical issues, 
related to the merging interactions between robots and humans. 
Roboethics deals with the ethical aspects of the design, development 
and employment of Intelligent machines. It shares many "sensitive areas" 
with Computer Ethics, Information ethics and Bioethics. Along these
disciplines, it investigates the social and ethical problems due to 
the effects of the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions in the
Humans/Machines interaction's domain. The focus of this workshop 
includes the study of how social, political, and cultural values 
affect robotics research and robotics application to society. In 
turn, how robotics affects society, politics, and culture - the 
basic assumption being that that science and technology are 
socially embedded.

This full-day workshop is open to - and it strongly encourages - 
the participation of researchers and scholars from other communities, 
both in science and humanities. This cultural openness provides the 
robotics researchers with a wide-range intellectual exchange, 
especially important in the perspective of educating young 
roboticists to interdisciplinarity among technical disciplines, 
and to transdisciplinarity among engineering, life science and 

This workshop invites submissions on the following topics 
(but are not limited to):

1. Social (Robotics and job market; Cost benefit analysis; etc.); 
2. Psychological (Robots and kids; Robots and elderly, etc.); 
3. Legal (Robots and liability; Identification of autonomously 
          acting robots, etc.); 
4. Medical (Robotics in health care and prosthesis, etc.); 
5. Warfare application of robotics; 
6. Environmental (underwater robotics noise pollution, etc.)

Tentative Submission Schedule:

- January 14, 2009: Abstract Submission deadline
- January 21, 2009: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
- February 25, 2009: Camera-Ready Submission deadline

Contributed abstracts are limited to 3000 characters, including 
title, authors, affiliations. Six pages in the standard ICRA 
format are allowed for each paper, including figures. A maximum 
of two additional pages is permitted. Prospective authors should 
submit their contributions electronically in PDF format to the 

icra2009 at roboethics.org

Gianmarco Veruggio (CNR-IEIIT, ITALY)
Ron Arkin (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Atsuo Takanishi (Waseda University, JAPAN)
Jorge Solis (Waseda University, JAPAN)
Matthias Scheutz (Indiana University, USA)
Fiorella Operto (School of Robotics, ITALY)

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