[robotics-worldwide] one PhD position in Microrobotic Biomanipulation and BioMEMS

Wenhui Wang wenhui.wang at utoronto.ca
Mon Feb 4 14:51:12 PST 2008

Dear All,


There is a fully-sponsored PhD position at the Department of Mechanical
Engineering at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


Project Description
Microrobots with high positioning accuracy (at the scale of nanometers) and
bioMEMS devices with small size (at the scale of micrometers to centimeters)
are widely used to manipulate micron-sized objects such as biological cells.
With their unparallel capabilities of manipulating cells, microrobotic
systems and bioMEMS devices have been receiving increasingly remarkable
attention. Recently, we have developed a fully automated zebrafish embryo
injection system, semi-automated adherent cell injection system, and a PDMS
elastic device for cell mechanics characterization. More information can be
found at: http://individual.utoronto.ca/wangwenhui


Field of Study
The project will feature one or a combination of the following topics
according to the preference of the student: 

(1) High-throughput microrobotic parallel cell injection;
(2) Microrobot-aided high-throughput cloning; 
(3) Micro-fluidic devices for cell manipulation; 
(4) MEMS-based stem cells characterization. 

In (1) and (2), a microrobotic system based on high precision manipulators
is to be developed to manipulate/characterize biological
cells/beads/organisms with high-throughput for large-scale screening
scenarios. A successful candidate should have hands-on experience or strong
background in motion control and computer vision. 

In (3) and (4), BioMEMS devices are to be designed and microfabricated with
the aim to manipulate/characterize biological cells. A successful candidate
should have hands-on experience or strong background in mechanical design,
integrated circuit design, or MEMS device design and fabrication. Excellent
knowledge in sensing/actuating theories, design and simulation software (e.
g. SolidWorks, ANSYS) is a plus. 

Requirement on Qualifications
All candidates with high motivation, enthusiasm, and independent thinking
are welcome to apply. Preference is given to students with a strong research
track record from any one of the fields: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Computer Sciences, Automation and Control, Mechatronics
Engineering, or related disciplines. 

Funding Arrangements
The successful candidate will receive a full scholarship lasting 3 years,
and be expected to start as early as possible. All applications will be
considered immediately until the position is filled.


Interested candidates please send CV to: wenhui.wang at canterbury.ac.nz.




Dr. Wenhui Wang

Lecturer, Mechatronics Programme

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Canterbury

Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8140

New Zealand

Tel: 64-3-364-2987 ext. 7492

Fax: 64-3-364-2078

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