[robotics-worldwide] Video Competition at AAAI (deadline: April 4)

Sebastian Thrun thrun at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 7 14:15:58 PST 2008


Submit your best research video! This is the Oscars for AI research
videos, with cash prizes and a big ceremony.  Let's show the AAAI people
how much fun robotics is, and how robotics research will change the world.
The deadline is April 4, see www.aivideo.org

            AAAI-08 Video Competition

  AAAI is pleased to announce the AAAI-08 AI Video
  Competition. The goal of this competition is to show the world
  how much fun AI+robotics is by documenting exciting artificial
  intelligence advances in research, education, and
  application. The rules are simple: Compose a short video about
  an exciting AI/robotics project, and narrate it so that it is
  accessible to a broad online audience. Accepted videos will be
  screened in the AAAI-08 registration area on Tuesday, 15 July
  2008. During that evening's session, the developers of the
  best videos will be formally presented with awards. We
  strongly encourage student participation. So: go ahead and
  make a cool online video about your AI project, and get a ton
  of attention!

  Video format: Either 1 minute (max) "short video" or a 5
  minute (max) "long video", with narration in English (or
  English subtitles). Consider combining screen shots,
  interviews, and video of a system in action. Make the video
  self-contained, so that newcomers to AI can understand and
  learn from it. We encourage a good sense of humor, though we
  will only accept submissions with serious AI content. Your
  video might cover contemporary research, or document seminal
  AI research in the past. Creativity is encouraged!

  New for 2008: (1) Educational Video Track (managed by Michael
  Bowling, as part of the AI Teaching Forum) for
  classroom-focused videos; (2) Special Achievement Award

  Submission: Place your video at a publicly-accessible www site
  & notify the co-chairs:

     David Aha <david.aha at nrl.navy.mil>
     Sebastian Thrun <thrun at stanford.edu>

  Videos must not contain any copyrighted video, audio, or
  characters. Developers of accepted videos will be asked to
  sign release and copyright forms.

  Submissions are due Friday, April 4, 2008. Accepted videos
  will be announced on the competition site by May 1, and will
  be screened at AAAI-08. Awards will be presented in the
  following categories: Best (Long), Best Short, Best Student,
  Best Demo, Best Educational, and Most Visionary (possibly
  others). Award winners will be presented with a trophy, named
  in honor of SRI's Shaky and its inspirational video.

  The complete Call for Video Submissions, including review
  criteria, is available at
  We look forward to your participation in this exciting event!

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