[robotics-worldwide] CFP ICRA2008 Robotic Planetary Contingency Challenge

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Wed Jan 16 10:37:35 PST 2008

                          CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS
        ICRA 2008 Robotic Planetary Contingency Challenge

Where: ICRA 2008 Pasadena California
When: May 19-23, 2008
Minimum Requirements: No preparation necessary.
  (Just register, we supply a robot kit)


Calling MacGyver-wannabes,

Compete in the Robotic Planetary Contingency Challenge!

Can you build and program a robot fast enough to save an astronaut's 
life?  If you were stuck on the moon, what would be the best robotic 

This event simulates an unexpected problem occurring at a planetary
habitat, where a robotic solution must be quickly developed and
deployed, using only what you can fit in a suitcase. The intent of 
this event is to develop versatile robotic systems and software that 
can be adapted quickly to address unexpected events.

There are three levels of participation.

1) The minimum level uses CKbot modules and software development
system, developed by UPenn and funded by Willow Garage, Inc. Attend
the workshop to learn how to use the modules.

2) Use the CKBot modules and develop your own software development
system. You will have access to the hardware before the conference.

3) Bring your own hardware and software, anything that fits the
space and weight constraints.

More information at the competition website:
Register for the competition at:

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