[robotics-worldwide] RoboCup Symposium 2008 - Call for Papers

Luca Iocchi Luca.Iocchi at dis.uniroma1.it
Tue Jan 15 06:04:12 PST 2008

RoboCup International Symposium 2008
Suzhou, China
July 15-18, 2008

The 12th annual *RoboCup International Symposium* will be held in 
conjunction with RoboCup 2008, during the Competitions and 
Demonstrations. The Symposium represents the core meeting for the 
presentation and discussion of scientific contributions in diverse areas 
related to the main threads within RoboCupSoccer, RoboCupRescue, 
RoboCup at Home and RoboCupJunior. Its scope encompasses, but is not 
restricted to, research and education activities within the fields of 
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Important dates:
Submission of papers: *March 3rd, 2008*
Notification to authors: April 7th, 2008
Submission of camera-ready copies: May 5th, 2008

The major topics of interest include the following

• robot hardware and software
o system integration and software engineering
o real-time and concurrent programming
o programming environments and languages
o embedded and mobile hardware
o mobile robots and humanoids
o new devices and materials
o robot simulators

• sensory processing and control
o robot vision and perception
o image processing
o self-localization and navigation
o world modelling
o sensor-motor control
o distributed sensor networks

• human-robot interaction
o visualization
o speech synthesis and natural language generation
o human-robot interfaces

• multi-agent and multi-robot systems
o learning and adaptive systems
o cooperation and collaboration
o teamwork and heterogeneous agents
o dynamic resource allocation
o adjustable autonomy
o planning, reasoning and modelling
o distributed perception

• applications
o disaster rescue information systems
o search and rescue robots
o service robots
o robots at home

• education and edutainment
o AI, robotics and science education
o educational robotics
o computer and robotic entertainment

Best regards,

Symposium Co-Chairs
Luca Iocchi, Sapienza University, Roma, Italy
Hitoshi Matsubara, Future University, Hakodate, Japan
Alfredo Weitzenfeld, ITAM, Mexico
Changjiu Zhou, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

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