[robotics-worldwide] The ICRA Robot Challenges: Second Call for Participation

Bill Smart wds at cse.wustl.edu
Tue Jan 15 14:51:26 PST 2008

Second call for participation : The ICRA 2008 Robot Challenges

We are proud to announce the creation of a new event associated with
the ICRA conference: The ICRA Robot Challenge.  The challenge seeks to
provide a forum for robotics practitioners to demonstrate their
research on a set of difficult problems that are of interest to the
community at large.  The challenge also seeks to serve as a forum by
which new collaborations can be forged between researchers where
complementary technologies can be merged to create more robust and
complete solutions.

This first robotic challenge event will take place at ICRA 2008 in
Pasadena, California (USA).  The planned events include:

1) The Sandbox

This event simulates the exploration of a small area of a planetary
surface. There are a number of sub-challenges in the event, and teams
should feel free to attempt as many or as few of these as they
want. This event is intended to showcase autonomous systems that
operate with a minimum of human intervention.

2) The Planetary Robotic Contingency

This event simulates an unexpected problem occurring at a planetary
habitat, where a robotic solution must be quickly developed and
deployed, using only existing resources. The intent of this event is
to develop versatile robotic systems and software that can be adapted
quickly to address unexpected events. Since humans are present, a
natural solution to realistic unexpected events would exploit human

3) Human-Robot Interaction

This event is intended to showcase the latest research results in
human-robot interaction. There is no particular theme for this event,
but robots must either learn from their interactions with humans, or
interact in some social context. We leave what the robots actually
learn, and what the social context is up to you.

We invite all interested parties to visit the challenge web site


where they can subscribe to the email lists and participate in the
discussions about the challenge events, rules, and general setup.

The current schedule is as follows:

31 January 2008   : Deadline to notify organizers of interest
15 March 2008     : Qualification deadline
1 April 2008      : Travel funding announcements sent
19-23 May, 2007   : Competition at ICRA 2008


General co-chairs and organizers of "The Sandbox" event:
* Bill Smart
   Washington University in St. Louis
   wds+icra at cse.wustl.edu

* Paul E. Rybski
   Carnegie Mellon University
   prybski+icra at cs.cmu.edu

Organizer of "The Planetary Robotic Contingency" event:
* Mark Yim
   University of Pennsylvania
   contingency at grasp.upenn.edu

Organizer of the "Human-Robot Interaction" event:
* Aude Billard
   Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
   aude.billard at epfl.ch

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