[robotics-worldwide] First CFP: ICRA Robot Challenge: The Sandbox

Bill Smart wds at cse.wustl.edu
Fri Jan 18 11:10:21 PST 2008

First call for participation for:

The Sandbox Event at The ICRA 2008 Robot Challenge

The Sandbox Event is one of 3 different competitions that will be held
at The ICRA 2008 Robot Challenge in Pasadena, CA this summer.  This
event simulates the exploration of a small area of a planetary
surface.  This event is intended to showcase autonomous systems that
operate with a minimum of human intervention.  Robots that participate
in this event will be expected to operate within a 6m by 6m area
covered in sand to a depth of 10cm.  The robots will need to navigate
on and off of a simulated lander as well as navigate around rocks in
the sand to achieve their goals.

There are a number of sub-challenges in the event, and teams should
feel free to attempt as many or as few of these as they want.  The
sub-events include:

1) Onto the surface : navigate from the lander and safely to the
surface of the sandbox.

2) Data collection : navigate to a remote science station and then
back to the lander.

3) Map the Environment : construct an accurate metric map of the
environment around the lander.

4) Extreme navigation : traverse cliff and other challenging obstacles.

5) Find the robot : explore the surroundings and find a nearby
malfunctioning robot.

6) Bring back shiny things : explore the surroundings, identify
unusual objects, and bring them back to the lander.

We encourage teams that have interests in autonomous exploration,
mapping, navigation, rough terrain traversal, and other similar
research areas to participate.

If you are interested in competing in this space-themed event but
none of these events effectively characterize your research, we are
willing to discuss modifications or additions to these events that
would hopefully allow more teams to participate.


The website for The Sandbox Event is:


The general web page for the competition which includes qualification
and registration information is:



The deadlines for the event are the same as the general ICRA 2008
challenge and are:

31 January 2008   : Deadline to notify organizers of interest
15 March 2008     : Qualification deadline
1 April 2008      : Travel funding announcements sent
19-23 May, 2007   : Competition at ICRA 2008



General co-chairs and organizers of "The Sandbox" event:
* Bill Smart, Washington
  University in St. Louis
  wds+icra at cse.wustl.edu

* Paul E. Rybski
  Carnegie Mellon University
  prybski+icra at cs.cmu.edu


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