[robotics-worldwide] Call For Papers: IAS-10

Christian Plagemann plagem at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Jan 22 06:05:23 PST 2008

          Call for Papers

  10th International Conference on
   Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Baden-Baden, Germany

Feb 15, 2008: Submission deadline
Apr 1, 2008: Notification of acceptance
May 1, 2008: Final manuscript submission

Jul 23-25, 2008: Conference


State-of-the-art autonomous systems are not limited anymore to 
structured and fully defined environments. Current research covers 
aerial, under water, and automotive robotics as well as systems that are 
deployed to human-centered environments. The 10th International 
Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems will bring together leading 
researchers interested in all aspects of autonomy and adaptivity of 
artificial systems. In the spirit of the previous stimulating meetings, 
the goal of this conference is to lay out new scientific ideas and 
design principles for artificial systems able to act in real-world 

The proceedings of the conference will be published by IOS-Press and 
selected papers will be invited for a special issue of the Robotics and 
Autonomous Systems Journal published by Elsevier.


Submissions of original scientific work are solicited in all areas of 
autonomous systems research including, but not limited to:

Aerial Vehicles, Actuators and Sensors, Automotive Robotics, Distributed 
Systems, Embodied Intelligence, Humanoid Robotics, Interactive Systems, 
Machine Learning and Adaptivity, Manipulation and Grasping, Medical 
Robotics Navigation, Perception, Planning, Prediction of Human 
Intention, Sensor Fusion, SLAM, Swarm Intelligence, Under Water Robotics


General Chair: Ruediger Dillmann, Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany
Program Chair: Wolfram Burgard, Univ. of Freiburg, Germany

Steering Commitee:

N. Amato
T. Arai
M. Gini
F. Groen
E. Pagello
A. Stentz

Advisory Committee:

M. Asada
J. Crowley
T. Fukuda
G. Hirzinger
K. Ikeuchi
M. Ishikawa
S. Lee
A. C. Sanderson
Y. Shirai

Program Co-Chair Europe:
  Paul Levi, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Program Co-Chair America:
  Nicholas Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

Program Co-Chair Asia:
  Hajime Asama, University of Tokyo, Japan

Program Commitee Members:
  Tamio Arai
  Maren Bennewitz
  Karsten Berns
  Gregorz Cielniak
  Gamini Dissanayake
  Tom Duckett
  Dave Ferguson
  Thomas Henderson
  Patrick Jensfelt
  Norihiro Hagita
  Danica Kragic
  Gisbert Lawitzky
  Achim Lilienthal
  Emanuele Menegatti
  Javier Mingquez
  Joseph Modayil
  Michael Montemerlo
  Kristian Kersting
  Christoph Stiller
  Panos Trahanias
  Ryuichi Ueda
  Hiroaki Yamaguchi

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