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Edwige Pissaloux

Special Issue of the International Journal of Image and Graphics (World
Image and Graphics technologies for disabled people

Call for Papers

Rehabilitation and assistive technologies for handicapped people with
motor and/or sensory  and/or cognitive, seniors, … limits make more and
more usage of image and graphics.  Indeed, such approaches allow not only
ideas and intensions better and faster expression, but also to compensate
lucks of functionalities, create dedicated, real or virtual, interfaces
permitting to improve, extend and regain impaired functionalities, basic
perceptions and behaviors. Such image and graphics based approaches can
increase quality of life, independent living, allow expression of
personality, personal interests, and enjoyment, as well as support needs
for communication and social interaction (e.g. for elderly people or
people with developmental delays). Finally it is hoped that such
technologies may add a solution of the increasing problem of medical and
social assistance cost.

This special issue will provide a state of the art overview and discussion
of important topics relevant to graphical and vision assistances. The
presented approached are frequently multidisciplinary, but emphasis on
vision, image and graphics technologies should be done.
This is necessary in order to build foundational knowledge that will help
in future to design systems able to assist impaired, provide care for
them, and that people care about.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to the following list:
	Assistive tools
	Therapy tools
	Tool assisted play
	Tools for access to information (Internet or other)
	Group and organization graphic interfaces
	Non-invasive methods of interfacing users
	Artistic and aesthetic aspects of graphics and vision interaction and
interface design
	Interfaces (with another modalities) for user control (e.g. for
patients, therapists etc.)
	Personalizing interfaces and interaction
	Adjustable autonomy
	Adaptable, adaptive and scalable interfaces
	User needs and interaction
	Metrics and tools for systems evaluations
	Theory and foundation of graphic Human and dedicated interfaces
	Graphic/vision tools as autonomous companions or tools in rehabilitation
and in education of impaired
	Other related issues

Important dates:
-Call for Paper:  			February 2008
-Deadline for paper submission: 	June 30, 2008
-Acceptance notification: 		October 30, 2008
-Final paper due: 			December 31, 2008
-Publication: 			April 2009.

Submission of Contributions:

We invite the submission of full papers up to 12 pages (PDF, one column,
IJIG format (http://www.worldscinet.com/ijig/mkt/guidelines.shtml) via
email (with subject “IJIG special issue on « Image and Graphics
technologies for disabled people »). Submissions may be research papers on
original work, system design descriptions, research surveys, project
descriptions, or position papers. Note that papers without any explicit
discussion or application of the context of vision, image and graphic
technologies will not be accepted.
On the first page of the manuscript, the corresponding author(s) and valid
email address(s) should be provided clearly.

Please send the PDF submissions to Regional Editor in Chief, Edwige
Pissaloux, pissaloux@ robot.jussieu.fr (files bigger than 8 MB will not be

All submissions will be peer reviewed. Final contributions will be in the
same format and up to 12 pages.

Edwige Pissaloux	              ph. +33 (0)1 46 54 89 56
Professor		              fax: +33(0)1 46 54 72 99
Vision VLSI/System Design             email: pissaloux at robot.jussieu.fr
Institut de Systèmes Intelligents     BP61
et Robotique (ISIR/LRP)               92265 Fontenay-aux-Roses
Université Paris 6 et CNRS FRE                                            
IEEE France section General Secretary
IEEE France Section EMB Chapter Founder and Past Chair

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