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Sachin Chitta sachinc at willowgarage.com
Tue Jan 29 12:14:53 PST 2008

Willow Garage. An Unusual Name. An Unusual Company.

Willow Garage (www.willowgarage.com) is a new exciting and cutting edge
organization dedicated to developing autonomous devices that will help
people become more productive, keep them safer and increase their
capabilities. We are in a unique position to take risks as we innovate for
we are a bold new company with the right mix of research and engineering to
have a significant impact on the world. We are a privately funded cross
between a startup and a research institute situated in the heart of Silicon
Valley in Menlo Park, just one mile from the Stanford campus. We have
collaborations with academia including faculty at Stanford and the Grasp Lab
at the University of Pennsylvania and are building relationships with other
universities and industry leaders in Robotics research and applications.

Our research is aimed at building autonomous devices and systems that can
make an impact in the real world. Our current research and development
efforts focus on three areas - autonomous vehicles, a solar-powered
autonomous ocean-going boat and a personal robot. Three drive-by-wire SUVs
with integrated sensing serve as a platform for our autonomous vehicles
research. We are completing a solar-powered boat and are working on software
to make it sail autonomously around the world. Our extensive personal
robotics program is based on a unique design that minimizes risk to humans
and we aim to collaborate with academic and industry leaders in developing
the next-generation personal and service robots.

At Willow Garage, we are interested in applications that will take
technology out of the server room and into the world. We aim to drive
open-source hardware and software for Robotics. We encourage publication of
top-level research in conferences and peer-reviewed journals. We support
longer-term research while striving to achieve shorter-term goals. We
encourage active collaboration with academia and industry. Our vision is to
incubate and spin-off robotics and related companies based on the research
performed at Willow Garage.

We are building a world class team to make these dreams a reality. We are
looking for top-level research and development candidates with research
interests/experience in one or more of the following areas:

* robotics
* control systems analysis and system dynamics
* estimation
* sensing
* computer vision
* real-time planning
* simulation of robotic systems
* machine learning
* probabilistic reasoning
* embedded systems programming
* knowledge representation and reasoning
* data analysis for complex systems

Strong development candidates should have a BS or MS in CS, ME, EE/ECE,
Aero/Astro, Systems Engineering or related areas or in-depth prior
experience building related systems.

Strong research candidates should have a PhD in CS/ME/EE/ECE/Aero/Astro or
related areas.

Please email your resume (pdf preferred), along with a link to any relevant
projects that you would like to share with us to:
jobs at willowgarage.com

Willow Garage, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to the
principles of workplace diversity.

Sachin Chitta
Research Scientist,
Willow Garage Inc.
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