[robotics-worldwide] Invitation to participate: Estonian student robot competition Robotex 2008

Maarja Kruusmaa maarjakr at ut.ee
Wed Jul 2 03:59:42 PDT 2008

We are inviting participants and visitors to the public robotics competition
Robotex 2008. It will take place on December the 5th at Tallinn University
of Technology in Estonia.

Robotex is the biggest robotics competition in Estonia organized annually by
Tallinn University of Technology in cooperation with University of Tartu and
the Estonian Information Technology College since 2001.

During the past years Robotex participants have included universities and
schools around Estonia, Sweden and Finland. The competition has become quite
popular among the students and technology enthusiasts in Estonia. Everyone
is more than welcome to participate if they have the skills.

The task of 2008 resembles "room cleaning" with the objective to collect
empty cans and socks and move them to specified areas. The biggest challenge
is to make robots orient in the field and distinguish different objects.
Rules and further description is available on event's official website
www.robotex.ee. The document of rules is also supplied in the mail

The prize fund of the contest is over 6000 euros!

The main purpose of the contest is to give practical experience to
competitors in areas mentioned above and to popularize these fields amongst
the youth. 

For this purpose Robotex 2008 will also have technology exhibition during
the competition, where different innovative projects, robots, automated
equipment and other thematic exhibits will be introduced. It is possible to
apply to take part in the exhibition before October the 15th.
There will also be a tight link (bus routes and visual broadcast) to the
biggest Estonian educational youth information fair "Teeviit 2008" ("Road
sign 2008" www.teeviit.ee).

Accommodation for the participants is provided by the organizers and there
is no participation fee at the contest. Registration deadline for
participation is October the 15th, 2008.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the organizers. We
are more than happy to answer your questions and have your feedback!


Martin Kontus
Martin.kontus at gmail.com
Robotex 2008 event manager
Board member of TUT Robotics Club

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