[robotics-worldwide] Cognitive Robotics Workshop - Final Call for Participation

Yves Lesperance lesperan at cse.yorku.ca
Mon Jul 14 07:39:44 PDT 2008

                           FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

             The Sixth International Cognitive Robotics Workshop
               (The ECAI 2008 Workshop on Cognitive Robotics)
                       Patras Greece, July 21-22, 2008

Please distribute to interested people.  Apologies for any duplicates.

Workshop Description:

Cognitive robotics is concerned with integrating reasoning,
perception, and action within a uniform theoretical and implementation
framework (using methods drawn from logic, probability and decision
theory, reinforcement learning, game theory, etc.). It is quite a
young field of research.  However, the use of robots and softbots is
becoming more and more widespread, with many commercial products on
the market. Complex applications and the need for effective
interaction with humans are increasing demand for robots that are
capable of deliberation and other high-level cognitive
functions. Models from cognitive science and techniques from machine
learning are being used to enable robots to extend their knowledge and
skills. Combining results from mainstream robotics and computer vision
with those from knowledge representation and reasoning, machine
learning, and cognitive science has been central to research in
cognitive robotics. The International Cognitive Robotics Workshop aims
at bringing together researchers involved in all aspects of the theory
and implementation of cognitive robotics, to discuss current work and
future directions.

The Program

The 2008 edition of the Workshop received 16 technical paper and 2
position paper submissions.  Of these, 7 submissions were accepted for
long presentations and 6 for short presentations. The accepted papers
appear in these proceedings.  We have an excellent program with papers
on cognitive robot architecture, cognitive vision, learning for
cognitive robotics, human-robot interaction, and systems addressing
specific types of applications.

We are also having two invited lectures:

- "Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Representations and Cognitive Vision"
   by Tony Cohn, and

- "Motor Skill Learning for Cognitive Robotics" by Jan Peters.

The Preliminary Schedule is available at


Yves Lesperance (Chair), York University, Toronto <lesperan at cse.yorku.ca>
Gerhard Lakemeyer, Aachen Univ of Technology <gerhard at informatik.rwth-aachen.de>
Jan Peters, Max Plank Inst, Tuebingen <jan.peters at tuebingen.mpg.de>
Fiora Pirri, University of Rome "La Sapienza" <fiora.pirri at dis.uniroma1.it>

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