[robotics-worldwide] IEEE workshop on Visual guidance systems for small autonomous aerial vehicles

stephane viollet stephane.viollet at univmed.fr
Tue Jul 29 02:00:32 PDT 2008

Dear Colleague,

You are warmly invited to participate to the Workshop on Visual  
guidance systems for small autonomous aerial vehicles, will be held at  
Nice on September 22, 2008.

The program comprises 19 regular presentations and 1 guest lecturer  
(D. O'Carroll)  :

D. O’Carroll (Univ. Adelaide,) : Biomimetic and bio-inspired motion  
detectors based on insect vision.
G. Barrows (Centeye Inc., USA) : Minimalist Vision Sensors for Micro  
Air Vehicles
S. Fuller (Caltech, USA) : Reichardt Correlators observing a  
constructed environment
S. Liu (ETHZ, Zurich) : A time-of-travel motion detection chip for  
steering autonomous robots
G. Conte (Linköping Univ., Sweden) : A GPS Independent Navigation  
System for UAVs
T. Hamel (I3S, Nice) : Advanced flight control for VTOL UAV using  
Image-based control paradigm
C. Taylor (Brigham Young Univ., USA) : Using Vision to Improve MAV  
Pose Estimation
L. Derafa (LISV, Paris/Algers) : Real-Time Motion Detection and  
Tracking in Aerial Video
D. Burschka (Munchen Univ.) : Monocular Vision-Based Navigation  
Strategies for Small Autonomous Aerial Vehicles.
S. Bouabdallah (ETHZ, Zurich), S. Grzonka (Freiburg) : Towards a Fully  
Autonomous Indoor Helicopter.
J. Serres (CNRS/Univ. Marseille) : A bio-inspired optic flow based  
autopilot  for guiding a miniature hovercraft in corridors.
S. Humbert (Univ. Maryland) : Wide-Field Integration of Optic Flow for  
Corridor Navigation on a Micro Helicopter.
J. C. Zufferey (EPFL, Lausanne) : Optic flow to control small UAVs.
R. Lozano (Compiègne Univ., France) : Real-time stabilization of an  
Eight-Rotor UAV using Optical flow
R. Mahony (ANU, Australia) : Analysis of the closed-loop flight  
dynamics of aerial vehicles given proportional feedback of optic flow  
L. Matthies (JPL, USA) : Vision Systems for Planetary Landers
Y. Watanabe (ONERA, France) : Research Perspectives in UAV Visual  
Target Tracking in Uncertain Environments
Y. Measson (CEA-LIST, France) : Survey of CEA LIST activities in the  
field of UAV
E. Baird (Lund Univ., Sweden) : A visual strategy for landing on a  
vertical surface
S. Krupinski (Cybernetix, France) : Localisation and guidance in the  
AUV docking problem

The complete workshop program can be downloaded here : http://www.ism.univmed.fr/AerialVisualGuidanceIROS08/images/program_workshop_IROS08.pdf

Please take a look at the workshop web site at http://www.ism.univmed.fr/AerialVisualGuidanceIROS08/index.php 

If you are interested,  please, do not forget to register to the  
workshop, all the details that you need can be found here : http://iros2008.inria.fr/registration.php 

Best regards.

Stephane Viollet.
Franck Ruffier.

Stéphane Viollet
Chargé de Recherche - Researcher

Equipe Biorobotique - Biorobotics
UMR 6233 Institut Science du Mouvement
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