[robotics-worldwide] Post-Doc: Applications of Robotics to Computational Biology

Oliver Brock oli at cs.umass.edu
Tue Jul 29 11:07:34 PDT 2008

The Robotics and Biology Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts
Amherst is looking for a roboticist interested in applying concepts and
techniques from robotics to problems in computational biology, such as
protein structure prediction, protein motion, and protein docking.  The
post-doc position could be for multiple years.

No biology background required!

If you have basic knowledge of kinematics, dynamics, motion planning,
machine learning, and optimization and if you are interested in
expanding into a new and exciting application area, please contact me at

Please send 

   1) your CV,
   2) a paragraph explaining why you are interested, 
   3) a description of your level of expertise in molecular biology, and

   4) the names of at least three references 
      (they will not be contacted without your knowledge)

to oli(at)cs.umass.edu.

Kind regards,
Oliver Brock

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