[robotics-worldwide] invitation to join the new RAS Marine Robotics Technical Committee

Gianluca Antonelli antonelli at unicas.it
Tue Jun 3 08:05:25 PDT 2008

Apologies if you received multiple copies of this invitation

You are kindly invited to join the new Technical Committee (TC) on MARINE 
ROBOTICS of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

TCs encourage research in specific research areas. Membership is free and open 
to anyone; just email to antonelli at unicas.it to request membership.

Further information can be found in the TC web page:


and in the RAS web page:


Please notice that, subscribing, you will receive a biannual newsletter. Most 
of the information will be collected in the webpage. Also, feel free to send 
us the link to your laboratory and any info you would like to see in the web 

We look forward to receive your request.

Gianluca Antonelli
Andrew Bennett
Giacomo Marani
Richard Rikoski
Dan Stilwell
Junku Yuh

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