[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc offer at INRIA Tao in learning algorithms for collective robotic experiments

Nicolas Bredeche bredeche at lri.fr
Wed Jun 4 09:18:34 PDT 2008

 TAO team is hiring a *Post-Doc* and/or a *PhD student* to work in Learning
Algorithms for collective robotic experiments.

The SYMBRION project <http://www.symbrion.eu/> is a European *Integrated
Project* that aims to build self-addembling robotic organisms from
autonomous individual small robots.
WIthin Symbrion, the TAO team will investigate learning mechanisms in a
multi-scale perspective, distinguishing adaptive learning (life-time
learning, or on-line learning) and optimization (at an evolutionary

The task will be to design and implement Machine Learning algorithms under
limited resources on the hybrid paltform (software and hardware) provided by
the project partners. The stress will be put on dealing with huge robotic
logs and learning to construct efficient controller modules.
A first task will consist in applying some Learning and/or Data Mining
techniques to multiple robot logs, while the robots are driven either by a
human being or by a manually written controller. This should allow to
automatically generate controller modules — off-line.
A second task will then be to design a high-level controller to perform the
action selection among different modules, either hard-coded or automatically
designed by the off-line procedure. This controller will be optimized either
off-line using Evolutionary Computation, or on-line using some algorithms
inspired from the Multi-Armed Bandit techniques.

The ultimate goal of the project is to design on-line protocols to allow
open-ended evolution at both scales of high-level controller and generation
of new low-level modules.

Knowledge in Machine Learning and Statistics is of course mandatory, as well
as excellent programming skills (C++ and Java). Previous experience in
Robotics and/or Evolutionary Computation is welcome.

*Practical information*
The TAO team is part of INRIA CRI Orsay Île-de-France and its offices are in
LRI <http://www.lri.fr/> at Université Pari-s-Sud. French public salaries
are what they are, but include medical coverage.
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