[robotics-worldwide] Last Call for Papers: CLAWAR 2008 Special Session on Replication of Experiments and Benchmarking for clawar and mobile robots

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(apologies for multiple postings)

Dear All,

in CLAWAR 2008 http://www.isr.uc.pt/clawar2008/ there will be a special
session on the Replication of Experiments and Benchmarking for clawar and
mobile robots.

Technical and position papers on climbing ans walking robots and other
mobile robots are welcome. If you want to contribute you may still submit an
(extended) abstract by email to the organizers by June 15th.

Pls notice that several related workshop are being organized around the
world (under the auspices of EURON Special Interest Group on Good
Experimental Methodology and Benchmarking in Robotics) as the  (puzzling?)
issues of replicating research results and comparing and evaluating
different approaches are raising a growing interest. There will be  a
similar one event, more industrial, at ISR 2008 in October (15-17) in Korea
, www.isr08.org/ <http://www.isr.uc.pt/clawar2008/>. While two related -
with a broader scope, will be at RSS 08 , end of June zurich,
http://www.roboticsconference.org/ , cfp and program coming soon, and IROS
2008, end of september  in Nice, http://iros2008.inria.fr/, stay tuned for
the call for papers.

All the best


Call for Papers

Special Session on Replication of Experiments and Benchmarking for clawar
and mobile robots

As the complexity of current embodied mobile robot systems grows, it is more
and more necessary to define proper experimental approaches and benchmarking
procedures. Trustable benchmarks are needed to enable the comparison of the
many research results in mobile robotics to make easier their potential
application. Both replication and benchmarking are needed to foster a
cumulative advancement of our knowledge of intelligent physical agents in
general and clawar and mobile robots in particular and even to correctly
appreciate disruptive innovation in the science and technology of robots.
In this session will be collected a number of paper on experimental
methodology and bechmarking of robotics systems focused on clawar and other
mobile robots specific issues.

 June 15: Abstract due
 June 17: Acceptance notification
 June 30: Full paper due

Fabio P.   Bonsignorio, Heron Robots s.r.l.
Angel P. Del Pobil, University Jaume I Castellon
John Hallam, South Denmark University

Fabio P. Bonsignorio
Heron Robots s.r.l.
Via R.Ceccardi 1/18
I-16121 Genova
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