[robotics-worldwide] IJRR Special issue on Robot Vision

Peter Corke peter.corke at csiro.au
Mon Jun 9 23:14:52 PDT 2008

Special issue on Robot Vision
Guest Editors: Francois Chaumette (INRIA, France), Peter Corke (CSIRO,
Australia) and Paul Newman (University of Oxford, UK)

Recent advances in computer vision are increasingly being applied to robots
to augment, and even to replace, more traditional sensors such as odometry,
laser rangefinders and GPS. Unlike laser rangefinders, computer vision is
low-cost, small in size and passive, and unlike GPS it can operate in
environments such as indoors, underground, underwater and space:

Following on from the phenomenal success of the 2007 Special Issue on Vision
& Robotics (joint special issue IJVC/IJRR) IJRR announces a Special Issue on
Robot Vision.  Original submissions are sought to present advances in vision
theory and methods and its application to robotics including:

*Visual odometry
*Visual navigation
*Integration or fusion of vision with other sensing modalities
*Visual SLAM
*Visual place recognition
*Vision-based control
*Robust vision techniques
*Metrics for performance and robustness of vision systems
*Novel visual sensors
*Novel computational algorithms and architectures
*Visual tracking
*Robot vision applications

Experimental results are particularly encouraged. Please note that the
Journal has no page limit on papers and is a leader in archival publishing
of data sets, code and videos with papers.

Submission deadline: 1st October 2008
To submit go to: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijrr
Please choose: ŒRobot Vision¹ under manuscript type
For full submission information contact Managing Editor, Jennet Batten:
ijrr_man_editor at btinternet.com
Publication: mid-2009

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