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Emanuele Ruffaldi e.ruffaldi at sssup.it
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Skills Capture and Transfer
Robotics: Science and Systems Tutorial
Saturday, June 28, 2008
Carlo Alberto Avizzano, PERCRO, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Italy
Emanuele Ruffaldi, PERCRO, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Italy

Multimodal systems integrate Robotic devices with other Virtual and Mixed
Environment technologies to interact with Human beings.

The proposed tutorial on Skills Capture and Transfer aims at analyzing 
the capture
and transfer of the skilled component of human activities with the use 
of multimodal
technologies. This topic ranges from the multimodal capture of a human 
task  to the
rendering of the skill using haptic interfaces and advanced 
visualization techniques.
At the same time the data acquired in real time is processed by machine 
algorithms for the identification of performance, comparing the user 
with an existing
database of skilled user, producing as an outcome the required stimuli 
for improving
the user task.This tutorial introduces to the topic by presenting the 
state of the art
in multimodal capturing technologies, the techniques for the analysis 
based on machine
learning (dimensional reduction, HMM and Neural Networks) and the 
descriptors for the
evaluation of a skilled performance. The practical part of the tutorial 
is supported by
examples in MATLAB, Simulink and additional Python libraries.

Carlo Alberto Avizzano, PERCRO, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Italy
Emanuele Ruffaldi, PERCRO, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Italy
Luis Unzueta Irurtia, CEIT, Spain

Presentations will be posted on the tutorial website and be available to 
everyone after the tutorial.

08:45-09:15        Welcome and Introduction (30')
    - Introduction the SKILLS project and Skills analysis framework
09:15-09:35        Capture and Rendering Technologies (20')
    - Multimodal capturing; force and compliance capturing; biometric 
capturing; content capture
09:35-10:00        Human Motion Capture (25')
    - Introduction to the concepts of motion capture; marker based 
capture; vision based capture and inverse kinematics
10:00-10:20        Skills Rendering with Haptics (20')
    - Introduction to haptics; kinaesthetic feedback;  teaching writing; 
virtual templates
10:20-10:45        Break (25')
10:45-11:15        Skills Analysis (30')
    - Gesture analysis techniques; Machine learning techniques;
    - Skill complexity analysis; MATLAB based examples from sport
11:15-11:35        Skills Representation and Encoding (20')
    - Multimodal data formats; descriptor identification; annotation systems
11:35-11:50        Skills Modelling (15')
    - Training and transfer: loops, methodologies, indicators.
    - Examples based on MATLAB and Simulink
11:50-12:10        Skills Storage (20')
   - Technologies for storage.
   - Multimodal databases, motion database, skills analysis platform;
   - Introduction to MPEG-7
   - Examples based on a Python toolkit and MATLAB
12:10-12:30        Outlook and Discussion (20')

You can register for the tutorial through the main conference registration
site at http://www.roboticsconference.org/registration.shtml

More information about the work can be found at the tutorial website at:

Emanuele Ruffaldi
Assistant Professor in Applied Mechanics
PERCRO Laboratory
Scuola Superiore S.Anna

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