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IEEE Transactions on Robotics
Volume: 24  Issue: 3   Date: June 2008

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Table of Contents

Singularity-Free Dynamic Equations of Open-Chain Mechanisms With 
General Holonomic and Nonholonomic Joints
Duindam, V.; Stramigioli, S.
Page(s): 517-526

On the Synthesis of Haptic Textures
Campion , G.; Hayward, V.
Page(s): 527-536

A Fundamental Tradeoff Between Performance and Sensitivity Within 
Haptic Rendering
Griffiths, P. G.; Gillespie, R. B.; Freudenberg, J. S.
Page(s): 537-548

Development of Soft-Actuator-Based Wearable Tactile Display
Koo, I.M.; Jung, K.; Koo, J.C.; Nam, J.-D.; Lee, Y.K.; Choi, H.R.
Page(s): 549-558 (with Multimedia)

Dynamic Performance of Mobile Haptic Interfaces
Formaglio, A.; Prattichizzo, D.; Barbagli, F.; Giannitrapani, A.
Page(s): 559-575

An Investigation of the Intrinsic Force Sensing Capabilities of 
Continuum Robots
Xu, K.; Simaan , N.
Page(s): 576-587

Analysis and Experiments on the Force Capabilities of 
Centripetal-Force-Actuated Microrobotic Platforms
Vartholomeos, P.; Papadopoulos, E.
Page(s): 588-599

A Relational Positioning Methodology for Robot Task Specification and Execution
Rodriguez, A.; Basanez, L.; Celaya, E.
Page(s): 600-611

Motion Planning Algorithms for a Rolling Sphere With Limited Contact Area
Svinin, M.; Hosoe , S.
Page(s): 612-625

A General Stance Stability Test Based on Stratified Morse Theory With 
Application to Quasi-Static Locomotion Planning
Rimon, E.; Mason, R.; Burdick, J. W.; Or, Y.
Page(s): 626-641

A Wire-Based Active Tracker
Andrade-Cetto, J.; Thomas , F.
Page(s): 642-651

Catadioptric Visual Servoing From 3-D Straight Lines
Hadj-Abdelkader, H.; Mezouar, Y.; Martinet, P.; Chaumette, F.
Page(s): 652-665

Dynamics of a High-Agility, Low-Power Imaging Payload
Carpenter, M.D.; Peck , M.A.
Page(s): 666-675

Modeling and Analysis of Skidding and Slipping in Wheeled Mobile 
Robots: Control Design Perspective
Wang , D.; Low, C. B.
Page(s): 676-687
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TRO.2008.921563

Secure Mobility and the Autonomous Driver
McDowell, K.; Nunez, P.; Hutchins, S.; Metcalfe, J. S.
Page(s): 688-697

Design and Development of the Lifting and Propulsion Mechanism for a 
Biologically Inspired Water Runner Robot
Floyd , S.; Sitti, M.
Page(s): 698-709

Decentralized Environmental Modeling by Mobile Sensor Networks
Lynch, K. M.; Schwartz, I. B.; Yang, P.; Freeman, R. A.
Page(s): 710-724

Analysis of Humanoid Appearances in Human-Robot Interaction
Kanda, T.; Miyashita, T.; Osada, T.; Haikawa, Y.; Ishiguro, H.
Page(s): 725-735

Optimization of Actuator Forces in Cable-Based Parallel Manipulators 
Using Convex Analysis
Hassan, M.; Khajepour, A.
Page(s): 736-740

Physical Path Planning Using a Pervasive Embedded Network
O'Hara, K. J.; Walker, D. B.; Balch, T. R.
Page(s): 741-746

Convergent Smoothing and Segmentation of Noisy Range Data in Multiscale Space
Adams, M.; Fan, T.; Wijesoma, W. S.; Sok, C.
Page(s): 746-753

A Globally Stable PD Controller for Bilateral Teleoperators
Nuno, E.; Ortega, R.; Barabanov, N.; Basanez, L.
Page(s): 753-758

A Robust Speech Recognition System for Communication Robots in Noisy 
Ishi, C. T.; Matsuda, S.; Kanda, T.; Jitsuhiro, T.; Ishiguro, H.; 
Nakamura, S.; Hagita, N.
Page(s): 759-763

 From the following link you have free access to the abstracts of all 
papers above, and can access
the pdf files for free if you or your institution is subscribing to 
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