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Denny Oetomo doetomo at unimelb.edu.au
Tue Jun 24 16:59:49 PDT 2008

Dear all,
Just a reminder on the deadline for the Journal of Field Robotics, Special Issue on Agricultural Robotics.
The deadline of submisison is one month away, 25 July 2008.  Looking forward to your participations.
Best Regards,
Denny Oetomo

Journal of Field Robotics Special Issue: Advances in Agricultural
Guest Editors:
John Billingsley, University of Southern Queensland
John Reid, Intelligent Machine Systems, John Deere
Denny Oetomo, University of Melbourne

Automation is one of the most important reasons in the improvement of farming efficiency. The maturing technologies being developed by the robotics community are paving the way for the exciting deployments of robust robotic systems in the environment of large scale farming, one that is semi-structured. Not only does this have the potential to increase the productivity and the quality of agricultural facilities, it can also significantly alter the way in which the farming industry is modeled and conducted.  

The future vision of the emerging trend in autonomous farming is of great interest, not only to the robotics and agricultural communities, but also to the industries and wider community.  Field of interest includes the broader area of agriculture such as forestry and aquaculture.  Advances in agricultural efficiency provided by the robotics technology and automation greatly impact the sustainability of our natural resources in satisfying the demand of the growing world population.  
The Journal of Field Robotics (JFR) announces a special issue on the advances in agricultural robotics.  High quality submissions are sought to present various state-of-the-arts applications of robotic techniques to the area of agricultural robotics and automation. Field experimentation results as well as conceptual ideas with potentials to define the future of agricultural automation are of great interest.  Perspective from agricultural experts on robotics and automation is also of great interest.
We invite papers that exhibit theory and methods applied to field of agricultural robotics, including but not limited to :
* Examples of robust implementation of robotics technology deployed on the farm
* Methods of sensing, identification, and localisation in the semi-structured farming environment
* Modelling and control of autonomous systems in agricultural tasks
* Mechanism analysis, design, as well as manipulation strategies specific to the tasks required in the agricultural processes
* Techniques for reliable information sharing in an integrated farm automation framework
* Strategies for effective human-machine coordination and cooperation in farming tasks
* Algorithm for efficient interaction between the systems and the environment
* Other novel ideas, concepts, applications that would be of significant contribution to the field of autonomous agriculture
It is of great interest that papers for this special issue provide technical descriptions of systems as well as results and analysis of fielded experimentations. Lessons learned in development and operation are also pertinent.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact
Denny Oetomo (doetomo at unimelb.edu.au)

For information on paper format and submission procedures, please
refer to the JFR website:
http://www.journalfieldrobotics.org/Home.html <http://www.journalfieldrobotics.org/index.html> 

Submission of papers is done online:

July 25, 2008                - Submission of manuscripts
September 25, 2008     - Complete reviews
October 15, 2008         - Notification of acceptance
December 15, 2008      - Final manuscripts due for publication

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