[robotics-worldwide] Scholarships for the European Master on Advance Robotics (EMARO)

Giorgio Cannata giorgio.cannata at unige.it
Sun Jun 29 07:29:40 PDT 2008

Dear colleague


I have the pleasure to inform you that the consorium of the Master EMARO
European Master on Advanced Robotics offers 4 scholarships for European
excellent students.


Each scholarship is organized as follows:

The first year (M1) must be spent in the University of Genova (Italy). 

The EU student will receive:

- 100% tuition fee waiver (2000)

- 3000 scolarship (to cover living costs)

- TOTAL : 5000,


The second year (M2) can be spent in Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) or
Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). 

The EU student will receive:

- 100% tuition fee waiver (2000)

- Erasmus syandard scholarship (aprox. 2000)

- Additional Erasmus Mundus 3000 scholarship  for the students who
participate to a 3-months mobility program in one of the Asian Universities
partners (Keio (Japan), AIT (Thailand), SJTU (Chine),


- TOTAL : from 4 000 to 7 000


Please note that the closing date for EU application is 20 July 2008.



EMARO European Master on Advanced Robotics is one of the an international
progmams og the prestigious framework of the European project Erasmus-
Mundus. The first promotion will start in the academic year 2008/2009 for
European and third countries students. 

The following European institutions are involved in this project:


- Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

- Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

- University of Genova, Italy.


The aim of this master is to promote a high-quality educational offer in the
area of advanced and intelligent robotics. The student will spend the first
year in one institution and then move to another institution for the second
year. He will obtain the Masters degrees of these two institutions. 


I would be glad that some of your students can apply for this master. The
application form and all the details on the master can be found on the
website:  <http://emaro.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr>
http://emaro.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr < <http://emaro.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/>
http://emaro.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/>  . 



Mandatory conditions are:

- a very good practice of English language (the language of instruction of
EMARO is English)

- having the bachelor degree in a  field related to Robotics such as:
Automatic control, Electrical Engineering, Computer science, Mechanical
Engineering,etc. The degree being awarded latest in July 2008.  


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, many thanks for
your help.




Prof. Wisama KHALIL

Ecole Centrale de Nantes

IRCCyN (Institut de Recherche en Communication et Cyberntique de Nantes) B.P
92 101, 44321 Nantes cedex 03 France.

Tel: +(33) 2 40 37 69 46, Fax:  +(33) 2 40 37 69 30 E-mail :
<mailto:Wisama.Khalil at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr> Wisama.Khalil at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr

Web :     <http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr> http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr <
<http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/> http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/> 



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