[robotics-worldwide] Full-time robotics engineer position at the NASA Ames Research Center

Terry Fong terry.fong at nasa.gov
Tue May 6 00:54:45 PDT 2008


Position: Full-time (IRG-08-3)
Location: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

The Intelligent Robotics Group at the NASA Ames Research Center (Moffett
Field, CA) has an immediate opening for a full-time robotics engineer. We are
looking for an experienced developer to help NASA send robots to the Moon!
Ideal candidates will have a solid history of implementing complex software
systems for robotics and will have knowledge of manipulation, controls and
robot software architectures.

As NASA returns to the Moon and ventures on to Mars, a variety of
mobile robotic and manipulation challenges will need to be addressed. This
ranges from earth based inspection and construction tasks of critical space
hardware, to autonomous interactions with the natural environment on
remote planetary bodies, and to the control of walking robots to access
difficult terrain.


* Software development for teleoperated robotic walking. This project, which
is in its second year, is developing a ground support tool to analyze robot
telemetry and to plan footfall locations and motion plans which are provided
to operators. This project integrates software tools developed at multiple
NASA centers and includes motion planning, stereo vision, interactive 3D
visualization, and operator control user interfaces.

* Develop trajectory planning and controls software for an Adept Viper 6-DOF
manipulator on which a high precision laser scanner will be mounted. The
system will be used to build models of the CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) heat
shield for construction and fault detection purposes.

* Develop mobile manipulation software (including navigation and motion
planning) using a lightweight manipulator arm mounted on the NASA Ames K10
planetary rover. Emphasis will be placed on deploying and retrieving
lightweight payloads, such as wireless communication relays and positioning


* B.S. (or higher) in computer science or robotics

* At least 2 years experience with structured software engineering and
process. Experience with UML and design patterns greatly preferred.

* Advanced proficiency with C++ and/or Java, scripting (PHP, Python,
PERL), and Linux development (GNU tools, svn, etc.)

* Background and experience with robotic manipulation, mobile robotics
(preferably including walking robots), and robot software architecture.

* Strong team-based product development experience (configuration management,
build management, regression testing, documentation).


To apply for this position, please send the following via email:

- a letter describing your background and motivation

- a detailed resume (text or PDF format)

- contact details for two (or more) references to Terry Fong <terry.fong at nasa.gov>

*** NOTE: U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is *required*.

The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) is dedicated to enabling
humans and robots to explore and learn about extreme environments, remote
locations, and uncharted worlds. IRG conducts applied research in a wide
range of areas with an emphasis on robotics systems science and field
testing. IRG's expertise includes applied computer vision (navigation, 3D
surface modeling, automated science support), human-robot interaction,
interactive 3D user interfaces, robot software architecture, and planetary
rovers. Recent projects include:

    NASA Updates to Google Moon:    http://moon.google.com
    Google NASA Planetary Content:  http://ti.arc.nasa.gov/projects/planetary
    Robotic Site Survey:            http://haughton2007.arc.nasa.gov
    GigaPan GigaPixel Panoramas:    http://gigapan.org

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