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Venkat Krovi vkrovi at eng.buffalo.edu
Sat May 17 19:02:03 PDT 2008

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Video Sub-Committee of the ASME Mechanisms & Robotics 
(M&R) Committee we would like to* invite you to visit the ASME 
Mechanisms & Robotics Video Web-Portal at* 

The ability to visualize various mechanical system components and their 
relative motions -- from key-framed motion-animation to physics-based 
virtual-graphics visualizations to actual filmed physical-prototypes -- 
has played an important role in the design, analysis and control of 
mechanical, mechatronic and robotic systems. In recent times, advances 
in computation and video technologies have enabled creation of a new 
class of digital video content that coupled with the ubiquitous 
Internet-based communication offers novel means for dissemination. While 
these technologies may have been adopted individually by community 
members, there has arisen a need for a coordinated effort to capture, 
archive and provide easy access to the rich variety of such material for 
the benefit of the community-at-large. To this end, the M&R committee 
established the Video Subcommittee to address these goals.

The first outcome of our efforts is the creation of a clearinghouse for 
high-quality digital video content that will enable members of the M&R 
community to disseminate and archive their research-efforts and educate 
current and future generations of students.

    * We utilize the foundation provided by YouTube
      <http://www.YouTube.com> to create the prototype of such a
      clearinghouse in the form of a YouTube channel
    * A companion web-site
      <http://macmotion.eng.sunysb.edu/ASMEM&RVideo/>) has also been
      created, which among other things provides an online submission
      form for including your videos to the ASME Mechanisms and Robotics
      YouTube Channel.
    * The submitted videos will be reviewed by the Video Sub-Committee
      members based primarily on the relevance to Mechanisms and
      Robotics prior to inclusion in the YouTube Channel.

*We would like to solicit your help on two fronts:*

*(i)   First, we would like you to encourage you (and your students) to 
submit your various research- and/or educational-videos pertaining to 
mechanisms and robotics to our YouTube channel. *

*(ii)  Further, we would like you to forward this message to your 
professional contacts thereby giving the widest possible circulation.*

We thank you in advance for all your help. Please feel free to contact 
us with any comments/suggestions/criticisms.

      M&R Video Sub-Committee Members:

§          *Venkat N. Krovi * (vkrovi at eng.buffalo.edu 
<mailto:vkrovi at eng.buffalo.edu>)
Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engg., State University of 
New York, Buffalo

§          *Anurag Purwar* (anurag.purwar at stonybrook.edu 
<mailto:anurag.purwar at stonybrook.edu>)
Research Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engg., State University of New York 
at Stony Brook

§          *Phil Voglewede* (philip.voglewede at marquette.edu 
<mailto:philip.voglewede at marquette.edu>)
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engg., Marquette University

§          *Craig Lusk* (clusk2 at eng.usf.edu <mailto:clusk2 at eng.usf.edu>)
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engg., University of South 

Venkat N. Krovi
Associate Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering           
State University of New York at Buffalo

Office: 1012 Furnas Hall             Mailing Address:
Tel: (716) 645-2593 x2264                 318 Jarvis Hall
Fax: (716) 645-3668                           MAE Department
E-mail: vkrovi at eng.buffalo.edu            University at Buffalo (SUNY)
http://mechatronics.eng.buffalo.edu        Buffalo, NY 14260

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