[robotics-worldwide] CRA/CCC Workshop on Emerging Technologies and Trends

John Hollerbach jmh at cs.utah.edu
Fri May 30 09:08:35 PDT 2008

Call for Participation, 2-page proposals due by June 13, 2008:

CRA/CCC Roadmapping for Robotics Workshop:
A Research Roadmap for Emerging Technologies and Trends

John Hollerbach, University of Utah
Matt Mason, Carnegie Mellon University
Henrik Christensen, Georgia Tech

August 14-15, 2008
Snowbird, Utah
(All expenses for approved participants will be covered by CCC)

This one-and-a-half-day CRA/CCC sponsored workshop will (1)
identify a focused set of major US research goals for Emerging
Technologies and Trends, and (2) develop a roadmap for achieving these
research goals in the coming decade. The workshop will include US
leaders in academia, industry, and government. Although the US
robotics research community is highly diversified, analogous efforts
in Europe and Japan to reach consensus and develop unified research
roadmaps for their regions have been extremely successful in creating
new partnerships and attracting major research funding. Results of
this workshop will be presented to US government agencies.

This workshop is one of four planned under the project: "From Internet
to Robotics: The Next Transformative Technology", accepted by the
Computing Community Consortium (CCC) with the goal of ensuring that
basic research addresses the key problems that will allow American
companies to have a leading role in the deployment of future
generations of robots: http://www.us-robotics.us/.


Robotics encompasses several technologies to enable computers to
interact more effectively with the real world.  A computer today has no
awareness of its physical surroundings, and is largely unable to react
to physical events.  Robotics is developing techniques allowing
computers to perceive their surroundings, to interpret those
perceptions, and act effectively to accomplish physical tasks.

Historically robotics arose and has been driven by advances in the
underlying technologies such as computing technology, sensors,
materials, actuators, control, and artificial intelligence.  The
purpose of this workshop is to examine continuing and likely future
advances in technology, to explore their impact on robotics, and to
map the implications for future robotics research directions and
funding policy.

Technologies of interest include, but are not limited to, advances in
   o  computing technology,
   o  information technology,
   o  perception and sensing,
   o  Artificial Intelligence,
   o  Mechanisms and Materials.

While many of these advances are occuring within robotics, outside
developments also impact the future capabilities of robots.
We seek participants who can project the future of these emerging
technologies and trends.


In this highly focused meeting, brainstorming sessions
will identify and prioritize (a) new technologies and trends likely to
impact the future of robotics; (b) core competency areas for
U.S. research and development; and (c) formulation of the roadmap.

Travel, meals, and lodging expenses for up to 30 approved participants
will be reimbursed by the CCC.

We encourage interested experts from industry, government, and
academia to submit a short proposal via email by June 13, 2008.

1) Name, affiliation, and contact info
2) 2-3 broad research ideas relevant to the workshop goals outlined

Proposals must be under 2 pages in plain text or .pdf format.  Please
put "CCC Research Roadmap Proposal" on the subject line, and email to
emerging-ws at us-robotics.us. Selected applicants will be notified by
July 2, 2008.

Due to funding limitations, we can accept only 30 participants. Anyone
who submits a proposal will receive a copy of the final workshop
report and information on how they might participate in the CCC robotics
effort. This workshop is being held as part of a group of CCC robotics
workshops examining the areas of manufacturing, service, healthcare,
and emerging topics in robotics.

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