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Just Herder - 3ME J.L.Herder at tudelft.nl
Tue Nov 4 04:26:58 PST 2008

		[Apologies for multiple postings]
		Dear Colleagues,

		I am writing to distribute this 2nd call for papers for
you to encourage paper submission to the ASME/IFToMM International
Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2009) to be
held at King's College London, University of London, UK during 22-24
June 2009.

		With the development of science and technology and with
space exploration, hazardous environment work, and production
requirements of small batch and quick change-over, traditional concepts
of mechanisms and robots development are facing a challenge in the 21st
century for adaptability and reconfigurability. This led to continuous
effort from researchers since 1990s of generating new ideas and concepts
for new mechanisms and machines including robots for reconfigurability.

		It is now felt by the wide community in mechanisms,
robotics and design that it is a good time to hold this international
conference for people in this field to express their views and for
people from the community to discuss the research in this reconfigurable
mechanisms and robots and to discuss the future direction in this rising
field in reconfigurable mechanisms and robots. 
		The ASME/IFToMM International Conference on
Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2009) is to provide an
international forum for presenting and discussing new mechanisms and
robots developed in the past decade for their new properties in changing
topological structure and therefore the mobility of a mechanism/robot
and for discussing their uses for domestic, hazardous, out-space and
manufacturing environments for adaptability and reconfiguration. The
main areas of this conference include, but not limit to, following
		Novel Mechanism Design
		Reconfiguration and Adaptability
		Metamorphic Mechanisms
		Reconfigurable Mechanisms
		Reconfigurable Topology
		Metamorphic Robotics
		Reconfigurable Manufacturing
		Bio-design Technics
		Bio-metamorphic Robotics
		Reconfigurable Robots
		Kinematics and Dynamics of Reconfiguration
		Bio-reconfiguration Engineering
		Various Topology Modeling
		Modular Devices
		Biological Self-Assembly Mechanisms
		The ReMAR 2009 will be held at King's College London,
University of London, which is situated at the heart of London, UK, in
conjuction to the celebration of 171 Years of Engineering at King's
College London. King's is one of the oldest and most prestigious UK
universities with 13,000 undergraduate students and 9,200 graduates in
nine schools of study with 2,700 academic staff and 2,700 other staff.
The Engineering was established at King's in 1838 and is arguably the
oldest established engineering school in England. King's College London
was ranked in the top 25 of the world leading universities.
		You are very welcome to submit your work to this
conference. Your submission will be reviewed by members of our Programme
Committee and selected external reviewers. The special issues of
Robotica and Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science will be followed.
More detailed information about this event can be found in conference
official website: www.remar2009.com
		The important dates are
		1 December 2008, Proposal for the Special Sessions and
		1 December 2008, Final Paper Submission Due
		2 February 2009, Acceptance Notification
		2 March 2009, Final Manuscript Submission Due
		I will look forward to your attendance with us!
		Sincerely yours,
		Professor Jian S Dai
		General Chair
		ASME/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable
Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2009)
		www.remar2009.com <http://www.kcl.ac.uk/cmms/remar2009>

		Chair in Mechanisms and Robotics
		Head of Centre for Mechatronics and Manufacturing
		CEng, IMechE Fellow, CertEd(HE)
		School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
		King's College London
		University of London
		Strand, London WC2R 2LS, UK
		+44 (0) 20 7848 2321
		www.kcl.ac.uk/cmms/jsd <http://www.kcl.ac.uk/cmms/jsd>  

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