[robotics-worldwide] Post-Doc in RAMS Lab in "Cell Manipulation and Imaging" at University of Maryland, College Park

Jaydev P. Desai jaydev at umd.edu
Thu Nov 13 06:53:43 PST 2008

*We currently have 3 Post-Doc openings and this is one of the three
positions - Details at: http://rams.umd.edu

Position Description:*
A postdoctoral position is available (starting early 2009) for a
motivated individual to work in a collaborative 3D imaging project
between the laboratories of Dr. Jaydev  Desai at the University of
Maryland (Robotics, Automation, Manipulation, and Sensing (RAMS) -
http://rams.umd.edu) and Dr. Sriram Subramaniam at the National Cancer
Institute (http://electron.nci.nih.gov).  The successful candidate will
join an interdisciplinary team working on a project that involves
combining (i) recent advances in technology for 3D cellular imaging
using light and electron microscopy with (ii) advances in mass
spectrometry and force mapping of cell surfaces using MEMS and (iii)
advanced computational tools to develop robust, automated technologies
for the mapping of cellular architecture at molecular resolution. 
*Required Expertise:*
We seek applications from outstanding candidates who have completed
their Ph.D. in electrical or mechanical engineering within the last 3
years, with an interest in extending their interests to work on problems
of fundamental relevance to HIV/AIDS and cancer research.   No prior
expertise in biology or medicine is required, but a strong background in
MEMS, nanofabrication, and physical sciences is desired.
*Application package:*
Interested candidates should submit the following by email in a single
PDF file to jaydev at umd.edu.

1. Curriculum vitae with a list of at least 3 references
2. At least three papers which could be either published, accepted for
publication, or in-preparation which demonstrate some of the required
expertise mentioned above.
3. Relevant courses taken during Ph.D studies
4. Expected date of graduation (for those who are currently pursuing a Ph.D)
5. Doctoral dissertation topic
6. A one-page summary of research background and interests and how it
aligns with the current position.

*Contact Information:*
Jaydev P. Desai
Associate Professor
Director - Robotics, Automation, Manipulation, and Sensing (RAMS) Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Room 0160, Bldg 088, Glenn L. Martin Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301-405-4427
Fax: 301-314-9477
Web: http://rams.umd.edu/

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