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**** All articles in Part 3 can be accessed for free.  ****

Special Issue on the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, Part 3

Issue Edited by Martin Buehler, Karl Lagnemma, Sanjiv Singh
Volume 25 Issue 10 (October 2008)

The Journal of Field Robotics announces the last of  three parts of a  
special issue
comprising 13 papers in total describing all of the vehicles that  
competed as
finalists in the DARPA Urban Challenge (DUC). The current issue  
presents the
last four papers from this series, leading off with a  description of  
the MIT entry.
The next paper presents  an analysis of the collision between the MIT  
Cornell vehicles, followed by a description of the  Cornell entry. The  
final paper
describes the entry by the Oshkosh team.


** Editorial
  Martin Buehler, Karl Iagnemma, Sanjiv Singh

** A perception-driven autonomous urban vehicle
   John Leonard, Jonathan How, Seth Teller, Mitch Berger, Stefan  
   Gaston Fiore, Luke Fletcher, Emilio Frazzoli, Albert Huang, Sertac  
   Olivier Koch, Yoshiaki Kuwata, David Moore, Edwin Olson, Steve  
   Justin Teo, Robert Truax, Matthew Walter, David Barrett, Alexander  
   Keoni Maheloni, Katy Moyer, Troy Jones, Ryan Buckley, Matthew  
Antone, Robert
   Galejs,  Siddhartha Krishnamurthy, Jonathan Williams

** The MIT-Cornell collision and why it happened
    Luke Fletcher, Seth Teller, Edwin Olson, David Moore, Yoshiaki  
   Jonathan How, John Leonard, Isaac Miller, Mark Campbell, Dan  
   Aaron Nathan, Frank-Robert Kline

** A perspective on emerging automotive safety applications, derived  
from lessons
    learned through participation in the DARPA Grand Challenges
   J. R. McBride, J. C. Ivan, D. S. Rhode, J. D. Rupp, M. Y. Rupp, J.  
D. Higgins,
   D. D. Turner, R. M. Eustice

** TerraMaxTM: Team Oshkosh urban robot
    Yi-Liang Chen, Venkataraman Sundareswaran, Craig Anderson, Alberto  
    Paolo Grisleri,, Pier Paolo Porta, Paolo Zani, John Beck


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