[robotics-worldwide] A New Robotics Research Resource

Robot (ftobe) ftobe at therobotreport.com
Fri Nov 14 07:13:22 PST 2008

In 2011, more than 18 million robots will populate the world - up from  
6.5 million in 2007.  Most of the growth will be in the robotic  
service sectors. I'm fascinated by this industry and am researching  
ways to make money from that research.  The first result is a  
comprehensive news and links website:

THE ROBOT REPORT dot com is a new website dedicated to tracking the  
business of robotics.  It is a resource for news and links to and  
about this growing industry:

	· Service Robots for Governmental and Corporate Use
	· Service Robots for Personal and Private Use
	· Industrial Robots
	· Ancillary Businesses
	· Educational and Research Facilities

THE ROBOT REPORT dot com will be updated as often as there is news -  
and continually for the addition and maintenance of links.

THE ROBOT REPORT dot com, in January, will begin daily updates of it's  
new ROBO-STOX(TM) index, comparing international publicly-traded  
robotic stocks to the S&P500.

You can help make THE ROBOT REPORT dot com a success by telling your  
friends and colleagues about the site, sending stories and links, and  
suggesting new ideas and improvements.  A viral marketing plan would  
certainly be appreciated.  Perhaps even advertise on the site.

Please visit and explore this new site.  Tell your friends.  Send in  
stories, ideas and links.  Tell me what you think.  And forward this  
announcement to all your friends and colleagues.

Thank you.

Frank Tobe
Santa Barbara, CA
805 895-4141

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