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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 22, Number 13-14, 2008

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Table of Contents

Mobile Robot Control Architecture for Reflexive Avoidance of Moving
pp. 1397-1420(24)
Authors: Hong, Keum-Shik; Tamba, Tua Agustinus; Song, Jae-Bok

Driving Mode Decision in the Obstacle Negotiation of a Variable
Single-Tracked Robot
pp. 1421-1438(18)
Authors: Jeong, Hae Kwan; Choi, Keun Ha; Kim, Soo Hyun; Kwak, Yoon

Cooperative Strategy for a Wheelchair and a Robot to Climb and
Descend a Step
pp. 1439-1460(22)
Authors: Ikeda, Hidetoshi; Katsumata, Yoshihito; Shoji, Michihiko;
Takahashi, Takayuki; Nakano, Eiji

Realization of a Pheromone Potential Field for Autonomous Navigation
by Radio Frequency Identification
pp. 1461-1478(18)
Authors: Herianto,; Sakakibara, Toshiki; Koiwa, Tomoaki; Kurabayashi,

Bi-criteria Velocity Minimization of Robot Manipulators Using a
Linear Variational Inequalities-Based Primal-Dual Neural Network and
pp. 1479-1496(18)
Authors: Zhang, Yunong; Cai, Binghuang; Zhang, Lei; Li, Kene

Positive Span of Force and Torque Components in Three-Dimensional
Four-Finger Force-Closure Grasps
pp. 1497-1520(24)
Authors: Niparnan, Nattee; Sudsang, Attawith; Chongstitvatana, Prabhas

A System for Robotic Heart Surgery that Learns to Tie Knots Using
Recurrent Neural Networks
pp. 1521-1537(17)
Authors: Mayer, Hermann; Gomez, Faustino; Wierstra, Daan; Nagy, Istvan;
Knoll, Alois; Schmidhuber, Juergen

Steady Crawl Gait Generation Algorithm for Quadruped Robots
pp. 1539-1558(20)
Authors: Hwang, Heeseon; Youm, Youngil

Dynamic Analysis and Control Synthesis of Grasping and Slippage of an
Object Manipulated by a Robot
pp. 1559-1584(26)
Authors: Jazi, Shahram Hadian; Keshmiri, Mehdi; Sheikholeslam, Farid

Scrub Nurse Robot for Laparoscopic Surgery
pp. 1585-1601(17)
Authors: Takashima, Kazuto; Nakashima, Hiromichi; Mukai, Toshiharu;
Hayashi, Shuji

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