[robotics-worldwide] RoboCup German Open 2009 - Annoucement

Ansgar Bredenfeld ansgar.bredenfeld at iais.fraunhofer.de
Mon Nov 24 11:33:47 PST 2008

                    RoboCup German Open 2009

                     Call for Participation


                      20 – 24 April 2009
          Co-located to HANNOVER MESSE 2009, Germany

The RoboCup German Open 2009 will be the eighth open RoboCup competition
held in Germany. The event will take place during HANNOVER MESSE 2009
sharing hall 22 with an exhibition on "Mobile Robots & Autonomous
Systems" (http://www.hannovermesse.de/roboter_e).

-- RoboCup Senior ---------------------------------

Competitions will be held in the following leagues:

- RoboCupSoccer Middle-Size
- RoboCupSoccer Small-Size
- RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform (Nao only)
- RoboCupSoccer Humanoid
- RoboCupSoccer Simulation 2D
- RoboCupRescue Robot
- RoboCupRescue Simulation Virtual Rescue
- RoboCup at Home

Visit http://www.robocup-german-open.de to pre-register your RoboCup
Senior team. Pre-registration starts 1 December 2008, the deadline is
*** 8 January 2009 ***. Details on the final registration will be
announced after the end of the pre-registration period. The final
registration period will commence in mid January and end by mid
February. Only pre-registered teams will be allowed to register for the
event. We strongly recommend to book accomodation as soon as possible.

-- RoboCupJunior ----------------------------------

German RoboCupJunior teams have to qualify for participation in the
RoboCup German Open in one of three regional events held in Magdeburg
(13-15 February 2009), at the Nürburgring (28 February - 1 March 2009)
and in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich (13-15 March 2009). The registration
will be opened 1 December 2008, the deadline is strict *** 19 December
2008 ***.

Please visit www.robocup-german-open.de for updated information on these
events. You may register for the newsletter or contact the organisation
team at info at robocup-german-open.de.

See you all again at the RoboCup German Open 2009!

Best regards,

Your OC

Ansgar Bredenfeld (Chair)
Philipp Baer (Middle-Size)
Tim Laue (Small Size)
Thomas Röfer (Standard Platform Nao)
Sven Behnke (Humanoid)
Holger Endert (Simulation 2D)
Adam Jacoff (RoboCupRescue Robot)
Andreas Birk (Simulation Virtual Rescue)
Paul Plöger (RoboCup at Home)
Manuela Kanneberg, Johannes Klotz, Martin Bader (RoboCupJunior)

The organizing team are students of the University of Magdeburg

RoboCup German Open 2009 is a cooperation of Fraunhofer IAIS and
Deutsche Messe on behalf of the German National RoboCup Committee

Dr. Ansgar Bredenfeld
Fraunhofer IAIS
Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin

Telefon: 02241-14-2841          ansgar.bredenfeld at iais.fraunhofer.de
Fax:     02241-14-4-2841        http://www.iais.fraunhofer.de

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