[robotics-worldwide] Research Scientist Position in Robotics at MIT CSAIL

John Leonard jleonard at mit.edu
Wed Oct 8 07:34:21 PDT 2008

Research Scientist
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

RESEARCH SCIENTIST, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory (CSAIL), to perform research in the development of
perception, planning, control, and human interface software and
algorithms for autonomous robots; manage research in autonomous
vehicles, including development and testing of techniques for vision,
lidar, and radar data processing for mapping, localization, and
autonomous path control; and development and field deployment of novel
robotic systems for land, air, and sea environments.

REQUIREMENTS: a Ph.D. in robotics or computer vision; and five or more
years' experience in perception algorithm and human-computer interface
and robotic system programming for autonomous vehicles. Seek
motivated, enthusiastic roboticist who demonstrates exceptional
programming skills and the ability to perform independent research and
manage complex research projects. Must be able to help mentor graduate
students and postdocs. Position requires expert knowledge of Bayesian
state estimation and computer vision algorithms such as Kalman
filters, particle filters, and SIFT feature detection; and general
experience in robot system integration, C/C++ network programming in
Linux and Windows, CVS, SVN, openGL, perl, and HTML. Must have
experience with configuration and management of Linux computer systems
using Ubuntu/Debian distributions; deployment and operation of mobile
ad-hoc wireless networks; and code development for public-domain robot
control software packages such as CARMEN and LCM. Should also have
experience creating real-time interfaces to vision, laser, and radar
sensors using serial, USB, CANbus, and tcp/ip connections; and in the
configuration and operation of SICK laser range scanners.

Applicants may apply online at http://hrweb.mit.edu/staffing/
(Search for position mit-00005935)

John Leonard (jleonard at mit.edu)


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