[robotics-worldwide] CFP: IARP Workshop RISE 09

Enric Cervera ecervera at icc.uji.es
Thu Sep 4 01:58:31 PDT 2008

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IARP Workshop on
‘Robots for Risky Interventions
and Environmental  Surveillance-Maintenance’

January,12-14, Brussels /Belgium


The general objective of the International Advanced Robotics
Programme (IARP)  is to encourage development of advanced
robotic systems that can dispense with human work for
difficult activities in harsh, demanding or dangerous
environments, and to contribute to the revitalization and
growth of the world economy.

Through this third  workshop, the IARP working group RISE
(Risky Intervention and Surveillance /Maintenance of the
Environment) and the the European partners of the FW6-IST
projects View-Finder (aiming the assistance of fire-
fighting/protection services) and Guardians (aiming the use
of swarm of robots for Rescue assistance) organise dedicated
sessions on next topics, while the mentioned European
partners organise demonstrations and videos  on the first
results of  their projects, on the Air Force Base of

Download the CFP and application form at:


Specific topics include but are not limited to:
- Inspection of fire or crisis grounds
- CBRN-E  threats
- Map building and reconstruction
- Networked crisis management tools
- Human-Machine Interfaces
- Remote controlled, semi-autonomous, autonomous robot navigation
- Multi-robot cooperation
- Swarm of robots
- Crisis Management tools

An abstract (approximately 300 words in English)
should be received not later than November 15,
2008. Electronic submissions of the abstracts
(Word , PS-format, PDF-files) should be mailed to:

Yvan.baudoin at rma.ac.be

- Paper proposal deadline:    November 15, 2008
- Final selection and invitation of participants:    December 1, 2008
- Receipt of full-papers:         December 20, 2008

Workshop inquiries to:
Workshop ‘Risky Interventions and Environmental Surveillance RISE’
Royal Military Academy
Department of Mechanical Engineering
30 Avenue de la Renaissance
B 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 7376553
Fax: +32 2 7376547
Yvan.baudoin at rma.ac.be

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