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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 22, Number 11, 2008

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Table of Contents

An Experimental Study on Cartesian Impedance Control for a Joint
Torque-Based Manipulator
pp. 1155-1180(26)
Authors: Liu, Hong; Liu, Ye-chao; Jin, Minghe; Sun, K.; Huang, J.B.

Terrain-Based Navigation for Underwater Vehicles Using an Ultrasonic
Scanning System
pp. 1181-1205(25)
Authors: Lygouras, John; Kodogiannis, Vassilis; Pachidis, Theodoros;
Liatsis, Panagiotis

Miniaturized Vision System for Microfluidic Devices
pp. 1207-1222(16)
Authors: Uvet, Huseyin; Arai, Tatsuo; Mae, Yasushi; Takubo, Tomohito;
Yamada, Masato

A Probabilistic Framework for Sonar Scan Matching Localization
pp. 1223-1241(19)
Authors: Burguera, Antoni; Gonzalez, Yolanda; Oliver, Gabriel

Kinematics-Based Navigation Functions
pp. 1243-1264(22)
Authors: Bendjilali, K.; Belkhouche, F.

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