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                                                SPIE 2009 Conference on
Industrial Robotics and Manufacturing

Part of the SPIE International Symposium on Defense, Security + Sensing

13-17 April 2009, Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center,
Orland FL


Call for abstracts

This conference provides an opportunity to explore research and development
opportunities for industrial robotics and automation in a new light.
Industrial robotics started the "robotics revolution" some 50 years ago.
Today, that legacy of early robotics development has branched out into many
exciting areas that include research and applications in the service sector,
agriculture, consumer products, defense, military, undersea and space
exploration, and much more. This diversity in the "New Robotics" areas is
driving significant R&D funding and commercial activity that now exceeds
efforts in the traditional industrial robotics areas. Some may say that
industrial robotics for manufacturing is a "mature" sector, which could be
interpreted as being "stagnant". Those working in the field understand that
this couldn't be farther from the case and that many of the technologies
being pioneered in the "New Robotics" can be leveraged to significantly
enable new capabilities in manufacturing applications. This conference will
be looking to examine the technology requirements and operational
capabilities of automation programs for manufacturing, mining, agriculture,
warehousing, and food processing applications that have been leveraging the
"New Robotics". This conference brings together the technologists,
developers and user communities to discuss requirements, challenges, and
technical approaches relevant for commercial processes and military systems.
It provides a balanced perspective on (a) programs and applications, and (b)
theory, algorithms, designs, and implementation. This conference provides a
unique opportunity for program managers to present their unique requirements
and perspectives on the important technical issues. 

This conference will feature an expanded opportunity for hands-on
demonstration of robot and automation systems and component technologies.
Researchers who would like to demonstrate their technologies and unique
capabilities are strongly encouraged to contact one of the program chairs. 

Papers are solicited in the following topic areas: 

*	intelligent warehouse applications 
*	human machine interface 
*	discrete parts manufacturing 
*	standard interfaces 
*	intelligent control, performance measurements and standards for
next-generation AGV's 
*	cable robot systems 
*	performance evaluation for sensors for manufacturing metrology 
*	paint/depainting 
*	intelligent assembly 
*	mining applications 
*	automation in agriculture 
*	sensor fusion and integration 
*	novel mobility platforms and running gear configurations 
*	commercial applications 
*	embedded world and vehicle models 
*	system performance modeling and simulation 
*	operator interface and human-robot interactions 
*	novel robot arm configurations and applications. 

Abstract Due Date: 29 September 2008


Go to http://spie.org/dss to submit your abstract.



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