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**** All articles in Part 2 can be accessed for free.  ****

Special Issue on the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, Part 2

Issue Edited by Martin Buehler, Karl Lagnemma, Sanjiv Singh
Volume 25 Issue 9 (August 2008)

The Journal of Field Robotics announces the second of  three parts of  
a special issue
comprising 13 papers in total describing all of the vehicles that  
competed as
finalists in the DARPA Urban Challenge (DUC). Part 2 presents five  
leading off with a description of Junior (Stanford Racing), the winner  
of the
previous DARPA Grand Challenge and second-place winner in the Urban  
Next are Little Ben (Ben Franklin Racing Team), two papers by Team  
Annie WAY,
and Caroline (Team CarOLO).

** Editorial
    Martin Buehler, Karl Iagnemma, Sanjiv Singh

** Junior: The Stanford entry in the Urban Challenge
    Michael Montemerlo, Jan Becker, Suhrid Bhat, Hendrik Dahlkamp,  
Dmitri Dolgov,
    Scott Ettinger, Dirk Haehnel, Tim Hilden, Gabe Hoffmann, Burkhard  
Huhnke, Doug Johnston,
    Stefan Klumpp, Dirk Langer, Anthony Levandowski, Jesse Levinson,  
Julien Marcil,
    David Orenstein, Johannes Paefgen, Isaac Penny, Anna Petrovskaya,  
Mike Pflueger,
    Ganymed Stanek, David Stavens, Antone Vogt, Sebastian Thrun

** Little Ben: The Ben Franklin Racing Team's entry in the 2007 DARPA  
Urban Challenge
    Jonathan Bohren, Tully Foote, Jim Keller, Alex Kushleyev, Daniel  
Lee, Alex Stewart,
    Paul Vernaza, Jason Derenick, John Spletzer, Brian Satterfield

** Team AnnieWAY's autonomous system for the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge
    Sören Kammel, Julius Ziegler, Benjamin Pitzer, Moritz Werling,  
Tobias Gindele,
    Daniel Jagzent, Joachim Schröder, Michael Thuy, Matthias Goebl,  
Felix von Hundelshausen,
    Oliver Pink, Christian Frese, Christoph Stiller

** Driving with tentacles: Integral structures for sensing and motion
    Felix von Hundelshausen, Michael Himmelsbach, Falk Hecker, Andre  
Mueller, Hans-Joachim Wuensche

** Caroline: An autonomously driving vehicle for urban environments
    Fred W. Rauskolb, Kai Berger, Christian Lipski, Marcus Magnor,  
Karsten Cornelsen,
    Jan Effertz, Thomas Form, Fabian Graefe, Sebastian Ohl, Walter  
    Jörn-Marten Wille, Peter Hecker, Tobias Nothdurft, Michael  
Doering, Kai Homeier,
    Johannes Morgenroth, Lars Wolf, Christian Basarke, Christian  
Berger, Tim Gülke,
    Felix Klose, Bernhard Rumpe


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