[robotics-worldwide] PostDoc Position in Bio-Inspired Control for Humanoid Robots, France

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Tue Sep 30 02:19:49 PDT 2008

Post Doc Position in Bio-Inspired Control for Humanoid Robots

Humanoid Robots, CPG, bio-inspired control, adaptive behaviour

*Post-doctoral researcher work description*
The object of this postdoctoral research consists in studying neural 
adaptive controllers based on plastic biological models dedicated to 
locomotion of a 3D simulated biped. The goal is to control dynamical 
behaviours of the biped and to compensate some deficiencies or 
mechanical damage like rupture of transmission in its hip, knee or ankle.
Following the currently research activity in the LISV laboratory, the 
study will be focused on the synergy and functioning of the biological 
mechanisms. The neural network plasticity commanding the motor activity 
of the articulated locomotion will be investigated. This will allow us 
testing several corrector models taken from biology for different gaits. 
The method consists on the design of the neural controller following the 
evolutionary robotics approach based on what is currently developed in 
the LISV for hexapod robots.

*Research Context*
This work falls under the research project PHEMA (Humanoïde Platform for 
the study of Human Walk with and without deficiencies). PHEMA project, 3 
years duration, is supported by the National French Research Agency. 
PHEMA aims a better understanding of the locomotion mechanical synergies 
that govern the human walking, by reproducing it in simulation and with 
a real anthropomorphic robot. Several static and dynamic behaviours 
taking into account motor deficiencies which characterize walking 
handicaps will be raised. PHEMA is making roboticians, neurobiologists 
and doctors work jointly. PHEMA project is in connection to the previous 
ROBIAN project 
for which a biped robot was built.

*Job Location*
Laboratoire d’Ingenierie des Systemes de Versailles
Universite de Versailles St Quentin
10-12 av de l’Europe, 78140 VELIZY,

LISV laboratory (www.lisv.uvsq.fr) is located in the Industrial park of 
Vélizy near Versailles City, and its famous castle. Paris downtown is at 
approximately 30 mn by public transportation.

*Duration: 12 months

Candidates should have prior experience in the following areas: 
evolutionary robotics, biological modelling of neural networks, software 
development, and numerical simulation of legged robots. He or she should 
have strong background in C++ .

Candidates interested in applying should electronically send a 
curriculum vitae and graduate to Dr. Patrick Henaff at 
patrick.henaff at uvsq.fr. Applicants should also arrange for 2 letters of 
reference to be sent to the same address; applicants should not send 
reference letters themselves. Applicants must be less than 40 years old.

*For further information, please contact:
Patrick Henaff
Associate Professor
patrick.henaff at uvsq.fr
Tél : + Fax: +

Patrick HENAFF  

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