[robotics-worldwide] CFP: IEEE Safety, Security and Rescue Robots Workshop

Richard Voyles rvoyles at du.edu
Sun Apr 5 04:55:04 PDT 2009

                                 CALL FOR PAPERS


2009 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics

                         Hosted by the University of Denver

                                November 3-6, 2009

                              Denver, Colorado, USA


Paper submissions due: June 15, 2009

Decisions by: August 15, 2009





The 2009 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security, and Rescue

is dedicated to identifying and solving the key issues necessary to field
capable robots 

across a variety of challenging applications. This seventh workshop in the
series will 

address both the research challenges posed by search and rescue scenarios
and the 

design of deployable robotic systems that satisfy user-defined requirements.
It will 

create a unique opportunity for development and exchange of research ideas

technical solutions. As always, emergency responders and other expected
users will 

be involved in presentations and discussions to ensure the practical
relevance of 

technology developments for actual usage.


Topics for papers and demonstrations include:


<LI> Robot performance requirements and technical solutions for applications

of SSRR (urban search and rescue, CBRN hazard detection/mitigation,

explosive ordinance disposal, physical security, surveillance, etc)

<LI> Locomotion for ground, aerial, aquatic, indoor, and collapsed

<LI> Perception for navigation, hazard detection, and victim identification

<LI> Mapping of complex environments (2-D, 3-D, GIS integration, etc)

<LI> Manipulation capabilities (hazards, payloads, obstacles, doors, etc)

<LI> Communications for reliable data transfer (tether management, radio,

<LI> Intelligent behaviors to improve robot performance and survivability

<LI> Human-robot interfaces for improved remote situational awareness

<LI> Autonomous search and exploration

<LI> Multi-robot teams and mixed human-robot teams

<LI> Training methods and other personnel issues

<LI> Safety standards of robots and systems

<LI> Evaluation and performance metric of robotic systems

<LI> Emerging technologies (sensors, power sources, micro robots, etc)

<LI> Emergency management issues related to robotics

<LI> Mechanisms, Mechatronics, and Embedded Control




Denver is situated on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, a major
transportation hub separating the mountains from the Great Plains. Boulder,
30 km to the northwest, sits nearly on the intersection of the Continental
Divide (the string of snow-capped 4300m peaks that divide the nation's
watershed) and the front range foothills, creating idyllic mountain vistas
and accessible, cosmopolitan living. Known for its natural beauty, excellent
skiing, and world-class rock climbing, the Denver metro area is a
destination for travelers the world over.





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