[robotics-worldwide] Robotics Toolbox for Matlab and Python!

Peter Corke peter.corke.ieee at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 04:42:55 PDT 2009

A new version of the venerable Robotics Toolbox for Matlab is out.  This 
is release 8, and it is mostly a bug-fix release and bringing things up 
to date with documentation and following the evolution of Matlab.  
Simulink and integration with the Matlab help system changes of R2008a 
are supported.

You can download this from:


and there is a Google group for discussion:


There is also a port to Python that is quite complete, but anything that 
relies on 3D graphics is not there yet.  However the rest came together 
very nicely and the syntax is quite familiar.  It is based on NumPy 
which is pretty nice.  You can get the Python port from:


Please send any comments to the discussion group

robotics-tool-box at googlegroups.com

Thanks, and enjoy!


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