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The web site for submissions is now open!


1st International Workshop on Mobile Robots in Automated Buildings
Barcelona, Spain, July 19th, 2009


Co-located with:
The 5th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'09)
July 20-21, 2009.


Background and Goals:
During the past decade, many researchers and practitioners worldwide recognized
the benefits introduced by the Ubiquitous Robotics paradigm. According to this
vision, mobile robots are no longer considered autonomous, physically situated
and embodied artefacts operating within environments tailored for humans: on
the contrary, they are expected to cooperate with devices for building
automation (environmental control, automation of doors and elevators, etc.)
that are distributed throughout the environment, and to get across
heterogeneous information by means of communication technologies. Information
exchange, when coupled with (possibly simple) actuation capabilities, is meant
to replace physical interaction between robots and their environment.
Applications are not limited to domestic robots, but encompass more general
scenarios, such as autonomous transportation and surveillance in wide indoor
and outdoor areas (hospitals, airports, industrial plants, etc.).

The Ubiquitous Robotics paradigm suggests a novel approach for designing
"autonomous systems": building robots with reasonable and reliable sensing and
actuating capabilities, but operating within environments well-suited for them.
This option unavoidably leads to a dramatic shift in robot design principles:
traditional mobile robots will benefit from an improved infrastructure, making
them more reliable, cheaper and dependable.

In literature, the stress has been more on feasibility studies and prototyping
than on determining general guidelines for system design, development and
integration. In order to carry out a principled discussion about the role of
robots within smart environments, it is mandatory to consider the fundamental
requirements to qualitatively classify current systems and to help in designing
new ones.

The Workshop will consider high quality contributions addressing the following
topics, although not being limited to them, in an Ubiquitous Robotics'

- Architectures and Infrastructure
- Perception and representation of sensor data
- Information fusion and localization
- Context assessment and monitoring of robot activities
- Reasoning and action planning
- Safety and dependability issues
- Application scenarios: transportation, surveillance, etc
- Specific prototypes: interacting with elevators (including scheduling
policies), docking stations for loading/unloading and recharging, etc.

Important Dates:
April 30, 2009: Deadline first submission.
May 28, 2009: Notifications sent to authors.
June 12, 2009: Final versions submitted.

Authors wishing to participate as speakers in this event should format their
papers following the same formatting guidelines (8 pages, etc.) of the main
IE'09 conference.

Submission via EasyChair:

All papers accepted will be published in the proceedings of the event.
Relevant post-Workshop publications will be pursued.

Antonio Sgorbissa (University of Genova), antonio.sgorbissa at unige.it.
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni (University of Genova), fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it.
Renato Zaccaria (University of Genova), renato.zaccaria at unige.it.

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