[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc Position: Steering Flexible Needles in Soft Tissues (Johns Hopkins University)

Allison Okamura aokamura at jhu.edu
Wed Apr 22 13:32:36 PDT 2009

Post-doc Position: Steering Flexible Needles in Soft Tissues

A Post-doctoral position is available for a medical robotics project  
sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health.

Allison Okamura (PI), Gregory Chirikjian, Noah Cowan (Johns Hopkins  
Ken Goldberg (University of California at Berkeley)
Gabor Fichtinger (JHU/Queen's University)

This is a collaborative project between The Johns Hopkins University  
and The University of California at Berkeley to design, prototype, and  
evaluate a working system that will steer flexible needles through  
deformable tissue and around internal obstacles to precisely reach  
specified 3D targets. The project website is http://lcsr.jhu.edu/needlesteering 

We are seeking a postdoc with experience and interest in computer- 
integrated surgery, kinematics, robot design, medical imaging, and  
clinical engineering. This postdoc will develop robotic devices and  
methods for real-time image-guided control to steer needles to  
specified 3D targets based on preoperative plans. He or she will  
develop a complete, interactive surgeon-assistance system for needle  
steering and implement it with phantom tissues, cadavers, and in vivo.

Requirements: Solid knowledge and experience with C++, robotic system  
integration, hardware and/or control design. Experience with medical  
imaging and animal experiments is also desirable.

The position is open immediately and will last for 2 years. Review of  
applications will begin on May 1, 2009. Some interviews may be  
conducted at the ICRA conference in Kobe, Japan. If interested and  
qualified, email the following items to Allison Okamura  
(akamura at jhu.edu) in a single pdf file:

1. One paragraph summary of qualifications and relevant experience
2. Expected graduation date (or available start date)
3. Name and email addresses of three references
4. Dissertation title and abstract
5. CV

Send to: aokamura at jhu.edu
Please put NEEDLE STEERING POSTDOC on the Subject line.

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The Johns Hopkins University
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