[robotics-worldwide] CfP IROS2009 Workshop on Biologically-Inspired Robots

Jorge SOLIS solis at kurenai.waseda.jp
Thu Apr 23 20:22:16 PDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,


In the framework of the coming IROS 2009 conference (St. Louis, Japan,
October 11-15 2009) a full-day 

workshop on "Biologically-Inspired Robots" is being organized. The call for
contributions is now open. 

Details on the objectives, audience, etc. are now available at:




Looking forward to received your paper contributions !



           IEEE/RSJ IROS 2009 Workshop

          St. Louis (USA), October 2009


Full-Day Workshop on Biologically-Inspired Robots








In recent years, the benefits of "biologically inspired" approaches have

increasingly clear in engineering design. Living organisms are complex
systems exhibiting 

a range of desirable engineering characteristics that have proved difficult
to realize 

using traditional engineering methodologies. Research in this field has

fused techniques from sensor development, artificial intelligence,

simulation/modeling, and robotics. The goal of this workshop is to provide a
forum for 

the examination of the interplay between biological and artificial
(autonomous or 

semi-autonomous) systems, and present biology as a learning tool for novel
robotic paradigms.


Contributions are welcome on the following topics, but are by no means
limited to:


- Biologically-Inspired Robot Architectures 

- Biomimetic Perception, Action, and Behavior

- Learning and Adaptation;

- Evolutionary Robotics;

- Neuromechanical Systems.


The workshop will be of particular interest to robotic engineers and
researchers that work 

in the general areas of Biologically-Inspired Robotics. The state-of-art
will be analyzed and 

discussed from a perspective that could be interesting and useful for
researchers developing

new robotic machines, in their different forms.


Submission Deadline:

- July 14, 2009: Extended Abstact (or Paper) Submission deadline

- July 21, 2009: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

- August 25, 2009: Camera-Ready Submission Deadline


Contact information:

solis at kurenai dot waseda dot jp



Kin-Huat Low (Nanyang Technology University, SINGAPORE)

Jorge Solis (Waseda University, JAPAN)

Xinyan Deng (University of Delaware, USA)

Ravi Vaidyanathan (University of Bristol, UK)

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