[robotics-worldwide] Call for participation to ICRA09 Workshop on Safe navigation in open and dynamic environments Application to autonomous vehicles, Room 406, may 12th, TW-F11

Philippe MARTINET Philippe.MARTINET at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr
Sat Apr 25 05:48:15 PDT 2009

ICRA09 Workshop on Safe navigation in open and dynamic environments Application
to autonomous vehicles

Full Day Workshop

May 12th 2009, Kobe, Japan

Contact : Professor Philippe Martinet


Research Director Christian Laugier, INRIA, Emotion project, INRIA Rhône-Alpes,
655 Avenue de l'Europe, 38334 Saint Ismier Cedex, France, Phone: +33 4 7661
5222, Fax : +33 4 7661 5477, Email: Christian.Laugier at inrialpes.fr, Home page:

Professor Philippe Martinet, LASMEA-CNRS Laboratory, Blaise Pascal University,
Campus des Cezeaux, 63177 Aubiere, Cedex, France, Phone: +33 473 407 653, Sec :
+33 473 407 261, Fax : +33 473 407 262, Email:
martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr, Home page: http://isrc.skku.edu/~martinet

Professor Urbano Nunes, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the
Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra, 3030-290 Coimbra,
Portugal, GABINETE 3A.10, Phone: +351 239 796 287, Fax: +351 239 406 672,
Email: urbano at deec.uc.pt, Home page: http://www.isr.uc.pt/~urbano

General Scope

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss topics related to the challenging
problems of autonomous navigation in open and dynamic environments.
Technologies related to application fields such as unmanned outdoor vehicles or
intelligent road vehicles will be considered from both the theoretical and
technological point of views. Several research questions located on the cutting
edge of the state of the art will be addressed. Among the many application areas
that robotics is addressing, transportation of people and goods seem to be a
domain that will dramatically benefit from intelligent automation. Such new
technologies can also be efficiently applied to other application field such as
unmanned vehicles, intelligent wheelchair, service robots, or more generally to
human assistance. Technical contributions related to this area, such as
autonomous outdoor vehicles, achievements, challenges and open questions will
be presented and discussed. Five technical areas, with a focus to their
instantiation to dynamic environments, will particularly be addressed:
Vision-Based Perception, Multi-sensors Perception & Localisation, SLAM & 3D
Reconstruction, Path Planning & Navigation Systems, Human-Robot Interaction.

Main Topics

# Object detection, tracking and classification
# Collision prediction and avoidance
# Environment perception, vehicle localization and autonomous navigation
# Real-time perception and sensor fusion
# SLAM in dynamic environments
# Real-time motion planning in dynamic environments
# 3D Modelling and reconstruction
# Human-Robot Interaction
# Behavior modeling and learning
# Robust sensor-based 3D reconstruction

International Program Committee

# Alberto Broggi (VisLab, Parma University, Italy)
# Roland Chapuis (Blaise Pascal University, France)
# François Chaumette (Lagadic, IRISA, France)
# Javier Ibanez-Guzman (Renault, France)
# Christian Laugier (Emotion, INRIA, France)
# Sukhan Lee (ISRC, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea)
# Philippe Martinet (Blaise Pascal University, France)
# Urbano Nunes (Coimbra University, Portugal),
# Cedric Pradalier, (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
# Cyril Stachniss (AIS, University of Freiburg, Germany)
# Roland Siegwart (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
# Ljubo Vlacic (Griffith University, Australia)

Final program

Session I: Motion planning 9:00-10:30
Chairman: Alonzo Kelly and Christian Laugier

    * Title: Fast and Feasible Deliberative Motion Planner for Dynamic
Environments (invited paper)
      Authors: Mihail Pivtoraiko and Alonzo Kelly

    * Title: ICS-AVOID, a Collision Avoidance Scheme for Dynamic Environments
      Authors: Luis Martinez-Gomez and Thierry Fraichard

    * Title: Mapping Obstacles to Collision States for On-line Motion Planning
in Dynamic Environments
      Authors: Oren Gal and Zvi Shiller

    * Title: Probabilistic Rapidly-exploring Random Trees for autonomous
navigation among moving pedestrians
      Authors: Chiara Fulgenzi, Anne Spalanzani, and Christian Laugier

Session II: Multi-sensor perception & navigation 10:50-12:50
Chairman: Anna Petrovskaya and Martin Rufli

    * Title: Multi-Sensor Perception and Dynamic Path Planning in City
Environments (invited paper)
      Authors: Martin Rufli Luciano Spinello Roland Siegwart

    * Title: Camera and Laser Radar Co-detection of Pedestrians
      Authors: Hao LI, Ming YANG, Huijia QIAN

    * Title: Model Based Vehicle Tracking in Urban Environments (invited paper)
      Authors: Anna Petrovskaya and Sebastian Thrun

    * Title: Connexity based fronto-parallel plane detection for stereovision
obstacle segmentation
      Authors: Thomas Veit

    * Title: Safe and Dependable Operation of a Large Industrial Autonomous
      Authors: Ashley Tews

Session III: Vision based perception & Visual SLAM 14:00-15:30
Chairman: François Chaumette and Philippe Martinet

    * Title: Comparing appearance-based controllers for nonholonomic navigation
from a visual memory (invited paper)
      Authors: Andrea Cherubini, Manuel Colafrancesco, Giuseppe Oriolo, Luigi
Freda and François Chaumette

    * Title: A generic framework for topological navigation of urban vehicle
      Authors: Jonathan Courbon, Youcef Mezouar, Laurent Eck, Philippe Martinet

    * Title: Use a Single Camera for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping with
Mobile Object Tracking in dynamic environments
      Authors: Davide Migliore, Roberto Rigamonti, Daniele Marzorati, Matteo
Matteucci, Domenico G. Sorrenti

    * Title: Optimal Metric SLAM for Autonomous Navigation Assistance
      Authors: P.F. Alcantarilla, I. Parra, L.M. Bergasa

Session IV: SLAM, Localization, Reconstruction 15:50-17:50
Chairman: Martin Adams and Sukhan Lee

    * Title: Detection Likelihoods for Safer Occupancy Mapping (invited paper)
      Authors: John Mullane, Martin Adams, Wijerupage Sardha Wijesoma

    * Title: Experimental Comparison of Bayesian Outdoor Vehicle Localization
      Authors: Alexandre N. Ndjeng, Dominique Gruyer, Alain Lambert, Sébastien
Glaser, Benjamin Mourllion

    * Title: Predictive Lane Detection for Simultaneous Road Geometry Estimation
and Vehicle Localization
      Authors: Chenhao Wang, Zhencheng Hu, Tomoki Maeda, Naoko Hamada, and
Keiichi Uchimura

    * Title: Cognitive Localization of 3D Objects Symbolically Given
Navigational Cues (invited paper)
      Authors: Sukhan Lee, Hyunjun Kim, Zhaojin Lu, and Harry Hung

    * Title: Laser scaner based SLAM in real road and traffic environment
      Authors: Olivier Garcia-Favrot, Michel Parent

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