[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc position, Brown, MGH, Providence VAMC

Beth Travers Beth_Travers at brown.edu
Wed Apr 29 12:30:33 PDT 2009

Postdoctoral Research Associates in Neuroengineering
Brown University ­ Massachusetts General Hospital ­ Providence VAMC
Neural Interface Systems Research Team
As part of our ongoing pilot clinical trials of an intracortically-based
neural interface system
(BrainGate), we seek highly motivated individuals with expertise in motor
neurophysiology, neuroeningeering, and/or neurorobotics to join our research
team. The goal of 
our multi-faceted research effort is to develop powerful restorative neural
interfaces for people
with paralysis or limb loss.
The work is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary, including regular
interaction with 
neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists, and clinicians.
Opportunities are available to
interact directly with clinical trial participants. Research projects
include, but are not limited to:
* The analysis of neuronal ensemble activity (including how kinematics and
dynamics of 
intended movement are inherently embedded in single units, multi-unit
activity, and local field
potentials from motor cortex) toward the development of neuroprosthetics for
use by persons 
with tetraplegia.  
* Developing real-time, multi-state adaptive decoding approaches to decode
intended, multi- 
dimensional movement from persons with tetraplegia.
* Developing the interfaces for intracortically controlled prosthetic limbs
and robotic arms for
use by persons with limb loss or tetraplegia, and converting cortical
neuronal activity into the
real-time movement of a multi-articulated prosthetic limb or robotic
limb/assistive device.
Highly advanced prosthetic and robotic limbs will be available for use.
* Harnessing intracortical signals for the development of communication
interfaces for persons
with locked-in syndrome.
Candidates should have strong neuroscientific, mathematical, and/or
computational skills.
Preferred educational background is a Ph.D. in neuroscience, bioengineering,
engineering, computer science, robotics, or applied mathematics. Depending
upon research 
interests, previous experience with adaptive filter design, signal
processing and statistical
analysis or modeling of neuronal action potential and local field potential
data, as well as 
proficiency in Matlab, in addition to C, C++, or Simulink, are required.
Inquiries should be directed to the laboratories of Leigh R. Hochberg, M.D.,
Ph.D. and John P. 
Donoghue, Ph.D., c/o Ms. Beth Travers (Beth_Travers at brown.edu).  

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